Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Couple More 1988 Topps Football

Week 6 of the NFL season and my Falcons are already jockeying for the #1 overall pick. I just picked up Osi Umenyiora for my fantasy team in the hope he will murder Joey Harrington on Monday night. Blood, I want blood! Here's a couple more packs from that partial box of '88 Topps I picked up.

One stick of gum old enough to vote
123 Chris Hinton
106 Drew Hill
232 Shane Conlan
124 Ray Donaldson
396 Checklist - cards 265-396
8 Doug Williams
133 John L Williams
1000 Yard Club #22 Mike Quick
278 Raul Allegre
9 George Rogers
32 Rulon Jones
333 Howie Long
375 James Jones
335 Matt Millen
336 Stacey Toran
250 Stump Mitchell

This was a really good pack. Chris Hinton was a pro bowl caliber offensive lineman who was involved in trades for both John Elway and Jeff George. After a little googling I found out he has a wine store a couple of exits from where I work in Alpharetta. I'll have to check that out. Drew Hill and Ray Donaldson represent the Yellow Jackets and Bulldogs well. Shane Conlan has a great jack-o-lantern smile on his rookie card, perfect for the Halloween season. The checklist reminds me that not only did the Falcons have the shame of being the last team in the set for their sucktitude, but their consolation prize was Aundray Bruce as the overall #1 pick in the draft. Blech. Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams makes up for this though. The appropriately named Mike Quick gains induction into the 1000 yard club with 790 receiving yards. The second half of the pack starts off with Raul Allegre, the obligatory kicker card per pack. Then we get a bunch of Raiders including Matt Millen, the idiot, and Howie Long, who isn't an idiot but he plays one on TV. We finish off the pack with a slightly waxy Stump Mitchell. On to pack 2:

if I wanted more stale gum, I'd go here
271 New York Giants
152 Leo Lewis
46 Ray Wersching
249 Neil Lomax
355 Gerald Carter
186 Andre Tippett
259 Dallas Cowboys
1000 Yard Club #15 Herschel Walker
229 Eugene Marve
121 Bill Brooks
314 Green Bay Packers
273 Joe Morris
316 Kenneth Davis
4 Joe Montana Record Breakers
80 Harry Newsome

Herschel and Joe save this pack from oblivion. Neil Lomax and Richard Dent were both good players, but there is no way they could overcome three team cards and two kickers by themselves. Speaking of kickers, in one of the more obscure references that will appear on this blog, Ray Wersching looks exactly like Lou Hirsch. Zneet Znadder Zneet. Joe Montana completed 22 straight passes against Cleveland and Green Bay to beat Ken Anderson's record and get another trading card in this set. After spending waaaay too long looking for it, I finally found out that Donovan McNabb beat the record in 2004 with 24 straight against The Giants and Green Bay. Herschel Walker gets two cards in the pack, his 1000 yard club (891 actually) and the action shot on the Cowboys team card. Herschel is evading a Bronco on the team card, but the back doesn't show Dallas playing Denver that year. It does show the Falcons beating the Cowboys 21-10 in week 12. Ha ha! Cowboys suck!


Unknown said...

hey Davf, I'm guessing that you are from Atlanta and you a ftball collector. I live around Decatur and I was wondering where can I found a good baseball card shop?

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dayf said...

in case there are any other Atlantans reading the blog, Collectors Best, Inc in Avondale Estates is a really good one on that side of town. The one I go to regularly is Champion Sports Cards in Kennesaw. Both have friendly owners, a good selection and very good prices.