Friday, October 19, 2007

2006 Upper Deck Update

Here's the last pack from that Target box, Upper Deck Update. UD figured 1000 cards just isn't big enough for a base card set so they tacked on another 250 card update. Just to make absolutely sure anyone trying to collect a 2006 Upper Deck set would completely lose their minds, they made the update retail only and added 50 short prints (20 rookies, 30 checklists) inserted in every other pack. However, it's one of only two 2006 products with a Pat Neshek rookie card ('52 Rehash is the other) so all is forgiven.

1129 Willie Randolph
1073 Anibal Sanchez RC
1017 Brayan Pena RC
1148 Jamie Moyer
1092 Paul Phillips RC
1036 Buck Coats RC
1172 Eliezer Alfonzo RC
SA-JK Jason Kubel Star Attractions

No Neshek in this pack, but as I put these cards in with the rest of my '06 UDs I discovered I already had Pat's rookie. Sweetness. According to the list in Beckett, I got no short prints in this pack. The Josh Rabe SP is the key to the set, booking at 20 bucks. I have never ever heard of Josh Rabe before this moment. Willie Randolph opens the pack looking all managerial. This pack is heavy with rookie card logos, as is the set. The Jamie Moyer card stands out in the pack as most of the other cards have the - no MLB experience - stat line and a lot of white space on the back, while Jamie is about two more seasons away from needing a fold out card just to cram all those stats in. Anibal Sanchez's card shows the celebration from his 2006 no hitter. Nice one by UD to get such a late season accomplishment in an '06 product. The pack wraps up with a Jason Kubel insert that, while nice, I don't much care about.

Up next - The Big Card Kahuna. The colossal cardboard catastrophe. The King Kamehameha of repacks. La caja de tarjeta muy grande! The 100 count box of MLB cards! What have I gotten myself into!?!


Chris Harris said...

Josh Rabe's Career Stat Line:

G: 38
AB: 80
AVG: .250
HR: 3
RBI: 9
OBP: .268
SLG: .375
OPS: .643

Designated for assignment on October 5th.

Why is this guy's "Rookie" card worth $20 again?

dayf said...

I don't understand it either. I checked Beckett Plus and it's got the same price. His '52 Rehash card doesn't even book. Pat Neshek is only 8 bucks! His card should rival the '89 UD Griffey easy.

It is a true rookie card and not just a (RC) logo card though. The only thing I can think is that the short print in a retail product is driving up the prices, but closed eBay listings show it sure isn't selling for 20 bucks. Maybe Josh's mom works for MiniTru and is making a few edits to the price guide :) We have always been at war with Eurasia... Josh Rabe has always been a hot prospect...