Sunday, October 28, 2007

1990 Pro Set Football

I'm feeling ready for some football, so we're going to reach back to the debut offering from Pro Set.

The design and photography are both great. This set takes a cue from 1986 Topps by incorporating the look of a football field into the borders, although I don't know of any team that plays on an orange field (although they do have that blue one in Boise).

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
Super Bowl XII

249 Doug Flutie
216 Lorenzo Hampton
284 Erik Howard
403 Kelly Stouffer (Apparently the world's happiest QB.)

205 Tom Newberry
10 Mike Gann (Great hand shadow on the leg. Kind of looks like a ghost copping a feel.)

40 Dennis Gentry
160 Pat Beach
68 Erik Thomas
308 Al Toon
209 Mike Wilcher
139 Lindy Infante
379 Ronnie Lott
167 Lloyd Burruss

Grade: C
Ronnie Lott is the only true star in this pack. Wisconsin is well-represented, with Al Toon (former Badger), Newberry (UW-La Crosse), and, of course, Infante, the Packer coach who was once voted the best Packers coach of all time, beating out this other guy named Vince Lombardi. And this is after a year in which the Packers missed the playoffs after the final Monday Night Football game of the season went the wrong way for them. I also like the Super Bowl XII card because of the way it reminds me of Super Bowl XXXI, also played in New Orleans. That purple, green, and yellow color scheme will forever remind me of a young Brett Favre charging down the field, helmet in hand, after the first touchdown throw to Andre Rison.


--David said...

I am curious to know how Pro Set got the "Official" label okayed for use on their cards... Or, perhaps the devil is in the details and the "official" part is interpreted by lawyers in a different manner than which I am seeing it.. :P-)

dayf said...

I thought Pro Set was some kind of marketing thing by the NFL. I have a pack of the same stuff that I was going to post eventually and the copyright on the back of the cards says © 1989 National Football League.

Beans said...

Love the blog, but I have to say these are 1989 Pro Set.