Thursday, January 17, 2008

1983 Topps Baseball Rack Pack Section 2

Judging from the "coverboy," the second third of this pack ought to be pretty stellar.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
200 Rod Carew
528 Jamie Easterly
220 Dusty Baker
361 Super Veteran Nolan Ryan
496 Tom Veryzer (Had he played in the 2000s, would he have been caller "Veryzer Wireless"?)

151 Super Veteran Bruce Sutter (Awesome, lots of love in this pack for Sutter!)
557 Rick Honeycutt
535 Manny Trillo
41 Jerry Turner
209 Mike Moore
36 Super Veteran Rollie Fingers
14 Frank LaCorte (Nearly missed being the guy who wrote Angela's Ashes.)
585 Jose Cruz
437 Rick Sweet (His card is so sweet, I can't show it now.)
648 Jeff Burroughs
231 Super Veteran Fergie Jenkins (Holy batch, that's four Sup-Vets!!)

409 Marvis Foley (Probably spend a lot of time hitting the clubs with Jim Kern.)

Grade: A-
This is close to the perfect pack. Only one of this year's hot rookies could have pushed this up to an A. Fingers remain crossed for the final third.

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Steve Gierman said...

You are certainly getting the White Sox love from this rack pack. Very cool!