Monday, January 28, 2008

Fastest Box Break Ever - Part 2 '52 Rookies

A couple of months ago I did a live box break of a UD Masterpices blaster, it's time for another one. Behold - the object of my ripping:

Once again I will rip the packs, type out the pulls and post a scan all live in the shortest period of time I can muster. No time limit this time, but there will be a contest. Here's the details:

People who cannot make the live break get to guess how long the break will take. I will post a comment stating the start and end of the break. I'll use the time difference between the two posts to determine the box break time. Whoever is closest wins a prize. To enter this contest, post a time in the comments here. This is only open to people who can't make the live break though, if you post in that thread your guess is disqualified. Even if you plan to join the live break go ahead and post a guess anyway, it won't hurt anything.

There will be two contests at the live break. Both involve distinguishing between the 2006 and 2007 cards.

In two of the 8 packs I am going to replace one of the cards in the pack list with a card from the 2006 set. Also in two of the 8 packs I bust I will be replacing a scan of a pull with a scan from the 2006 set. The sharp-eyed people who pick out the card first win a prize Here's how it works:

  • I post the bogus card in the pack rip.
  • You smart people spot the card.
  • You post a comment stating the pack number and the card. It should look like this:
    • Pack 4: Hanley Ramirez
  • The first person to post the correct answer wins.
  • This is important: ONE WINNER PER PERSON. So if some guy has the 2006 52 rookies checklist memorized and gets them all right, he wins one prize pack. Only his first correct guess counts and all the rest of his guesses are thrown out. That means if someone has guessed, post your guess anyway, because second place might be good enough to win. That's complicated, but I'll explain down below.

Here are the prizes:

The card from 2006 plus the one from 2007 that was replaced in the pack plus,
One pack of random and possibly really crappy cards plus,
A small goodie bag featuring the team of your choice plus,
A super special secret card that the winner will be able to choose out of a group of prizes. They are super special secret because I haven't actually chosen them yet.

So there it is, I will be ripping the box tomorrow evening at 10:00 pm Eastern.
10:00 will be a little easier for me and it won't screw over the left coasters.

I will further elaborate how the contest works shortly to keep things from being too confusing. But the basics are:
Guess the time it takes to bust the box in this thread.
Guess the 2006 cards I sneak into the box break.

Guess the time Contest:

Ok let's say Ben, David and Mario all make guesses for the total time, here are the times they guess:
Ben: 15 minutes
David: 18 minutes
Mario: 15 minutes and 1 second.
When I start the break I make a post, and it is stamped 9:59:36pm.
When I stop the break I post that it's officially over, and that post is stamped 10:16:02pm
The total time of the break would be 16 minutes and 26 seconds.
Mario would be closest and would win in that case.
However, if Mario posts in the live box break, his guess is disqualified (only offline guesses in this contest) and Ben would win. Got it?

Spot the 2006 card contest:

Now let's say we have five people post during the break: Mario, Kevin, Steve, Thorzul and Chris. All of them make correct guesses, here are the order they are in:

Card 1: Steve, Mario, Kevin, Chris
Card 2: Thorzul, Mario, Steve
Card 3: Steve, Chris, Mario
Card 4: Steve, Chris, Kevin, Mario

The winners are all in bold. Here's how they won:
Steve is the know it all who memorized the checklist and got the first post in three of the four cards. Only his first win counts though, all the rest of his guesses are discarded.
Thorzul wins the second contest and as a result he quits guessing.
The third contest goes to Chris because Steve's guess is thrown out.
The last contest goes to Kevin because Steve and Chris already won and their guesses are thrown out.
Poor Mario gets screwed. Sorry Mario.

Any questions about this, ask them in this thread. If I missed something I'll change it but once the break goes down I am the judge and jury and what I say goes.

So go ahead and make your guesses! See you tomorrow night!


AlbuqwirkE said...

10:00 pm eastern!

Andy said...

Wow, and I thought MY contests were elaborate!!

William said...

12 minutes 26 seconds

mmosley said...

I'll take 17:45!

Have fun!

Unknown said...


The Angels In Order said...

13 minutes, 13 seconds

NickL said...


Russ said...

16 minutes and 23 seconds

darkship said...

I'll say 17:47

burnsee2 said...

9 minutes and 32 seconds

Voltaire said...

15:00 even.

Don said...

I'll take 22 minutes

TheJaw said...

The answer is 26:26.

Unknown said...

17 minutes and 10 seconds

Jinxo56 said...

25 minutes

jackplumstead said...

I'll say
19 minutes 15 seconds.

P.J. said...

Alas, I won't be able to make the break, unfortunately. Damn work anyway! :)

I'll guess 14:29.

Chuck said...

My guess is 15 minutes and 35 seconds. And I'd say that there are approximately 1267 jeyybeans in the jar!!!

Laurens said...


EWS said...
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Zpop said...

21 minutes 12 seconds

Brandon said...

30 minutes 1 second, I can't check for a while if I won of not but If I did I want the Vintage Topps, If thats goen then the Heritage Pile.

jdw said...


Unknown said...

Trent - 13minutes
Dad - 7 minutes

RoofGod said...

13 min and 42 sec

dayf said...

The Thread is officially closed... no more guesses.

If you're here to leave a guess you should be over at the box break anyway!