Friday, January 18, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage: Blaster MADNESS! Pack 4

Let's kick off the weekend right and close out the first half of this here Blaster.

Pack 4:

186 Scott Kazmir
122 Sammy Sosa
240 Philip Hughes RC No Signature
122 Corky Rainbow Parallel
BHP79 Chris Nowak
BHP83 Jeremy Papelbon
229 Kei Igawa RC
103 Hideki Matsui
All sorts of shenanigans going on in this pack. First we've got Sosa's base card and parallel in the same pack, which is always lame. Papelbon the Younger at least looks less annoying than his big bro. Three Yankees are usually too much for my tastes, but the Hughes SP is a nice pull at least. Though he does look like he has a lazy eye. My roommate and I have a fairly stupid running joke about Matsui. We were watching the Little League World Series a few years ago, and noticed that a lot of the Japanese kids were listing Jason Giambi as their favorite player. We decided that they feared Hideki Matsui, aka "Godzilla", and held out hope that Giambi, as the largest of the Yankees, would save them.

See, I told you it was stupid.


Scott said...

Absolutely agree with you about getting the base card and the parallel in the same pack. Weak.
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dayf said...

That seems to happen more often than not in a lot of recent Topps products... I just had two packs like that out of an eight pack blaster.