Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 Topps WWE Wrestling Heritage Series III

Ok, so Thorzul beat me to the first pack of the year. Can't a man sleep in after New Year's Eve? I was up in time to catch the kickoff of the Sugar Bowl, so it's all good. He had a couple of nice packs and got the blog off to a good start. I needed some extra time though to carefully ponder just what would be the perfect pack to open to start off the new year right. It's a new year, a new beginning, this is a chance to set the tone for the next twelve months! The right pack could propel this blog up to lofty heights, the wrong one... complete disaster. That's why after long deliberation, contemplation, procrastination and blowing through most of a $50 gift card at Target, I chose this pack to start off 2008.

What?? There's nothing wrong with this pack... it's Heritage! It's got the retro designs and the super supple wrapper that drives men wild and... gum. I really bought it for the gum. Yes, that's right, I just wanted some gum, so that's why I bought a pack or maybe three. Fine! I'm such an insane Allen & Ginter addict that I bought some packs just so I could try to get an A&G mini card. You think that's bad, I actually pulled a relic card from one of the other packs and this is the one I chose to post. I need help. This is what I got:

one stick of yummy gum
64 Ashley
74 Dusty Rhodes
Allen & Ginter 10 of 12 The Undertaker
9 Umaga
26 Armando Estrada

So I got my A&G mini, yay! And it's The Undertaker who I have actually heard of before. He looks nice and crazy on this card, and I like crazy cards. This set has an 80's design thing going on, although the backs are generic non-sports junk. It may just be that my mind is warped from all the cards I've scanned for The 792 but I like these even though I haven't watched wrestling with any kind of regularity for over a decade. The American Dream Dusty Rhodes is an awesome pull, the man is an awesome interview and it makes me happy to see someone who is as out of shape as I am kicking ass on a trading card. This is cool stuff although I'm already WWE'd out. Before you decide I've gone completely insane consider this: Which 1982 Topps card would you rather pull? This:

or this:

Sorry Bedrock, sometimes a Cy Young award isn't enough.


Voltaire said...

You need help. Serious help.

Kevin said...

Wow...even as a wrestling fan, I've managed to avoid these. Why must you tempt me, dayf? After all, I'm almost as much of a sucker for the 1980s designs as you are...

Captain Canuck said...

Love it! Never gonna buy it.... but love it! And yeah, the American Dream is a sweet card. Actually met his son (Gold Dust)when they were here in Calgary... really cool guy.

Offy said...

I just picked up three packs of this myself at Target last night for the exact same reason. I pulled a magnet and a relic card, but no Ginter card. I may just pick up the Bobby Heenan card on eBay and be done with it. I don't see your card anywhere and I think that there might be different A&G cards inserted in the hobby and retail packs. The hobby seems to have veterans and the retail packs have the superstars who appear on the tins.

I wish that the regular set was done in the '82 style and that they used another style for the Divas or maybe just a design that wasn't so blah for the regular set. I love the '87 design for the veterans.

dayf said...

Isn't it sad that we're buying this stuff for the A&G cards and we end up getting lousy relic cards :)

Is the set only in the 1980, 1982 and 1987 designs? Those are the only three styles I got now that I think of it. The '87 cards are slick though. That's about the last time I watched wrestling regularly, anyway.

Offy said...

I probably would have been happier about my relic card if it wasn't a piece of the ring. Those don't appeal to me at all. The ring attire cards aren't bad and even the ring skirts make for interesting swatches, but the mat cards are only interesting if there's something on them and then you're not sure if you even really want to touch them.

Yep, it's just the 80, 82 and 87 designs this time around. I really liked the designs of the first two sets, but the 1980 cards just seem too plain to me. I was completely clueless regarding the existance of the Heritage II set until some searching just now and see that they put Turkey Red inserts in that set. I wonder how long it'll be until they do full sets in the A&G and Turkey Red designs.

I tend to wander back into the wrestling world based on personalities these days. I watched as a kid and then as an adult I returned when The Rock was popular (which led to a job on an online WWE collectible card game) and now I've tuned in a couple of times to see Chris Jericho's return. It's on my DVR list and I probably skip through 90% of each show.