Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage: Blaster MADNESS!

I have been duly chastened by dayf's recent plea for a return to the roots of this blog. So although I've been dying to get this Blaster break posted, I will be taking it one pack at a time. Believe it or not, this is my first ever Blaster, and yes I intend to capitalize that word. To be honest with you, half of the appeal of these things is in the name. "Blaster" just sounds fun and action-packed. When I brought this box home, my roommate couldn't believe that I bought a product with Alex Rodriguez as the cover boy. But really, I was amused by the fact that Topps found it necessary to label him. Are there really people out there who can't identify a photo of the best hitter in baseball today? Or that we wouldn't assume he's a Topps Spokesman, since, you know, he's pictured on the box of a Topps product? Okay, let's do this thing.

Pack 1:

114 Zack Greinke
18 Zach Duke
233 Akinori Iwamura RC No Signature
174 Kazuo Matsui Rainbow Parallel
BHP51 Will Venable
BHP39 Mike Devaney
Checklist 3 of 3
119 Jamie Moyer
55 Garrett Atkins
This pack seems to be full of pairs: Two Zack(h)s, two Japanese players, two National League prospects, and...okay, I'm not sure how to link Moyer and Atkins. Let's go to the Oracle of Baseball!

Jamie Moyer played with Yorvit Torrealba for the 2005 Seattle Mariners Yorvit Torrealba played with Garrett Atkins for the 2007 Colorado Rockies

See, they share Yorvit Torrealba! Isn't that sweet? Seriously, Jamie Moyer is my favorite of this pack. Somehow the picture makes him look even older than he already is, then the back of the card clinches it by mentioning that he is still "flummoxing" hitters. That is a great word.


dayf said...

Don't tell me you actually took me seriously? RIP THAT THANG!!!

William said...

What's that hair near Moyer's head -- game-used DNA? hahaha

Kevin said...

dayf - Oh, give me some credit. I ripped it all in one night a couple weeks ago. I'm just waiting to post it all.

william - Haha, I was wondering if anyone would notice that. Consider it a game-used hair from yours truly. How the hell it got on the scanner bed, I may never know.