Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage: Blaster MADNESS! Pack 2

Since the suspense seems to be killing dayf, I'll go ahead and post a pack a day (where have I heard that phrase before?) until we've got this blaster broken. Let's rock.

Pack 2:

134 Troy Glaus
126 Travis Hafner
109 Curt Schilling Rainbow Parallel
BHP77 Nathan Southard
BHP43 Justin Byler
208 Matt Lindstrom RC
83 Greg Maddux
175 Vernon Wells
This pack is heavy on star power...and steroids. Sorry, Troy. The Hafner card is dinged in the bottom left corner. I like Pronk because he's a huge pro wrestling fan; sounds like my kind of guy. Schilling just looks haggard and bloated. Apparently Bowman Heritage is not kind to the over-40 set. Maddux of course has the "4 C.Y." writing on the glove; a nice touch and not quite as dumb as the "Joba rules" baseball. As for Vernon Wells, you old-school collectors may be familiar with his dad's work.

1 comment:

Chuck said...

Geesh, Schilling looks horrible!!

I liked Topps Heritage better than the Bowman edition.