Friday, January 18, 2008

1983 Topps Baseball Rack Pack Section 3

Alright, the conclusion of this trilogy. Will this final third be an epic monument to collecting, akin to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, or will this disappoint, like Back to the Future: Part III? The suspense must be ended now.

Let's tear in:

Top to Bottom:
350 Robin Yount (Always good.)
593 Broderick Perkins (So very, very yellow.)

641 Billy Sample
282 Reggie Smith
218 Roy Howell (Well, that takes the cake for least-popular 1982 Brewer.)
470 Greg Minton (The 'stache says '70 porn star wannabe, the 1982 ERA of 1.83 suggests the skills to direct. What do you think?)

709 Jimmy Sexton
598 Dwayne Murphy (Ahhhhh! The glare!)

442 Brian Downing
647 Bobby Mitchell
341 Doug DeCinces
408 Rudy May (Remember the '80s, when the Yankees didn't automatically buy all of the best players?)
603 Joe Morgan
434 Dennis Lamp (Quite a patch of growth. Impressive.)

564 Sid Monge
130 Dave Stieb
644 Joe Lefebvre
55 Mookie Wilson
463 Gaylord Perry (What better way to end the racker than a cheating-ass pitcher who looks like everyone's favorite uncle? And look at the lovely powder-blue Mariners uni. While it's quite fashionable here in Milwaukee to wear retro Brewers stuff in this style, I forget just how many teams had alternate powder-blues. Let's see...Brewers, Cards, Phils, Mariners,Twins, Braves, Jays, I forgetting anybody? I'm sure readers will let me know.)

Grade: B-
It's all Yount, bolstered a little bit by Morgan. Mookie always looks great on cards, you can just appreciate his unique combination of hitting ability and quickness. A lot of other scrubs, although I'm left wondering how popular Stieb might have been had he played for a U.S. team. I'll just throw that out there for you to discuss.


Don said...

Don't forget the Royals wore the lovely powder blue. Good pack. I always loved the 83 Topps set.

Jeff said...

I love Lamp

Jeanette said...

Nice Anchorman reference, Jeff.

Chris Harris said...

The Blue Jays and Royals are bringing back the powder blue unis in '08.

Steve Gierman said...

I wish I had your luck with the White Sox cards! Good pack!

dayf said...

They just don't make 'staches like that anymore...