Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fastest Box Break Ever - Ripping '52 Rookies

Ok, I'm a little shaken by the Santana news, and I'm already fed up with election coverage. I picked the perfect night to rip open the last box of 2007.

One more time for the people stumbling in on this at the last minute. I'm opening a box of 2007 '52 Rookies. I'll be listing the pack contents and a scan live. Keep hitting F5 to refresh and see the new packs as I post them.

In these packs I'm going to sneak in four cards from the 2006 set, if you spot them and leave the first comment pointing it out (for example: Pack 4 - Hanley Ramirez) you win a prize. If you make a guess here, you're ineligible for the "guess the rip time" contest which is closed now anyway. It's that simple.

Here are the Rules, here are the Prizes. There might even be some online help. Now we're ready to open this box. Box ripping is at 10:00pm Eastern time, 7:00 Pacific. Be there or be square eligible for the "guess the rip time" contest!


I've got the scanner ready, the decoys scanned, an energy drink ready to chug, Hendrix on the radio, and the box ready to rip. Not long now...

All right...
On your mark...
Get set...

Pack 1 -
66 Jailen Peguero
106 Eric Stults
64 Sean Gallagher
TCR60 Jacoby Ellsbury Chrome
181 John Lannan
131 Garrett Olson

Ellsbury Chrome - great start...

Pack 2 -
65 Carlos Gomez
37 Alexi Casilla
55 Billy Butler
TCRC92 Justin Hampson Refractor
193 Dan Meyer
158 Kevin Mellilo

Two chromes in a row! Plus an ex-Brave.

Pack 3 -
83 Yoel HErnandez
99 Jason Miller
121 Melvin Dorsta
57 Sean Henn
DF12 Paul Loduca
167 Manny Acosta
118 Gustavo Molina

Brave! Plus an insert. Melvin Dorta is a great name.

Pack 4 -
75 Josh Fields
30 Hunter Pence
21 Brian Barden
DD4 Kendrick & Bourn
179 Joel Hanrahan
162 Brian Buscher

Another insert, this time of Mario's bane.

Pack 5 -
98 Joakim Soria
84 David Murphy
81 Brian Stokes
170 Justin Upton
DF16 Roger Clemens
186 Ehren Washington
141 Amos Day

Jeez, another insert plus two Sox. Steve hates me now.

Pack 6 -
2 Angel Sanchez
31 Masumi Kuwata
45 Jarrod Saltalamaccia
52S-NH Nathan HAynes Auto
188 Jose Ascancio
216 Melky Cabrera
123Rick Vandenhurk

AUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 Melky! Salty! Brave! What a pack!

Pack 7 -
95 Elijah Dukes
101 John Danks
62 Chris Stewart
211 Jose Diaz
201 JOBA!
161 Ryan Budde

I can't belive my freakin' luck....

Pack 8 -
9 Tony Abreu
32 Ryan Rowland-Smith
16 Jeff Baker
140 Matt Capps
DD3 - Braun & Gallardo
173 Jack Cassell
156 Patrick Misch

Braun & Gallardo insert... Sweeeet. Plus Capps was on my fantasy team last year.


Ok, that was an awesome damn box. Topps IS trying to get me to like this product, aren't they? Ok, Give me a little while to tabulate everything and I'll post the winners later tonight. No fair admins cheating and deleting posts now...


Winner of the "Guess the Rip Time" contest: Thorzul who guessed 23:15. The actual time was 23 minutes. Thorzul claims the 10 Vintage Topps cards prize.

First decoy card: Pack 3 Melvin Dorta (which I misspelled Dorsta like an idiot)
Winner: Kevin who claims 10 Vintage Topps cards.
The card Dorta Replaced:

Second Decoy card: Pack 5 Roger Clemens.
Winner: BeeRad who claims 5 Insert cards.
The card Clemens replaced:

Third Decoy card: Pack 6 Melky Cabrera.
Winner: BeeRad who already won so the prize goes to Brian who got it next. Brian chose the 1980-2007 Topps cards.
The card Melky replaced:

Fourth Decoy card: Pack 8 Matt Capps.
Winner: Brian who already won so the prize goes to burnsee2 who got it next. Burnsee2 claims the Big Pile 'O Heritage.
The card Capps replaced:

Thanks for playing, everyone. The winners should e-mail me using this address. Or just check my profile. I'll need to know which prize you want and a shipping address. Thanks again everybody! I think we got a record for comments on this blog!


AlbuqwirkE said...

Do you rip packs in the order pulled from the box from top to bottom, bottom to top, or some other twisted method?

mmosley said...

Thanks for the video. I saw this last year and it is possibly the coolest use of internet video and the most impressive feat in video gaming. Everybody could run with the Raiders, but not like that!

dayf said...

Top to Bottom. Not long now folks...

Oh and for clarification, your guess at the time it takes to rip the box is only nullified if you make a guess in these comments. If you want to heckle, but not take a guess at the 2006 cards, feel free. You'll still be entered in the time contest.

this all seemed simpler in my head when I thought it up...

Captain Canuck said...

I'm here! Let the pigeons loose!

AlbuqwirkE said...

I should have played the odds and just made a stab at the time portion of the contest... but I wanted to be here when you pull a chrome Ross Wolf.

Russ said...

I love packs of rookies that no one has really heard of

dayf said...

RIPPIN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Canuck said...

pack 1 - Elsbury chrome...

Voltaire said...

What was the official start time?

Kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BeeRad said...

pack 2 - hampson chrome ref

Kevin said...

Pack 3 - Melvin Dorsta

BeeRad said...

pack 3 - dorsta

Steve Gierman said...

Pack 3
121 Melvin Dorsta

Captain Canuck said...

pack 3 - melvin dortsa

Russ said...

pack 3 melvin dorta

BeeRad said...

kevin, you're hosin' me

Steve Gierman said...

Pack 3

DF12 Paul Loduca

BeeRad said...

pack 5 df 16 clemens

burnsee2 said...

Pack 5 roger clemons

Steve Gierman said...

ack 5

141 Amos Day

Captain Canuck said...

pack 4 - no one
pack 5 - Clemens

BeeRad said...

steve, hes messing with you and me... posting the wrong names of the former Barons....

BeeRad said...

pack 6 216 cabrera

Captain Canuck said...

pack 6 - melky

Russ said...

pack 6

burnsee2 said...

Pack 6 melky cabrera

Steve Gierman said...

Pack 6

216 Melky Cabrera

Captain Canuck said...

pack 7 - no one

dayf said...


Captain Canuck said...

pack 8 - matt capps

burnsee2 said...

pack 8 matt capps

Steve Gierman said...


140 Matt Capps

Bay Rat North West said...

Not enough Reds! I will boycott all future openings until you guarantee more Reds.

Captain Canuck said...

always a blast man...
and I never have that kind of luck in my boxes.... only you....

dayf said...

Rip start - 6:56pm Rip end - 7:19pm. Final time of the rip is 23 minutes. I thought blogger posted the seconds too, but hopefully there won't be a tie.

Steve Gierman said...

Nice break. I should get partial credit for catching Amos Day instead of Dewon Day. :)

dayf said...

Lookie here, A Pack A Day regular won the time contest. CONSPIRACY!!!

Thorzul wins with his guess of 23:15.

dayf said...

Posting the rest of the winners now, guys.

Russ said...

I was hoping the misspelling of Dorta was a trick and you had to spell it right to win....and I was the only one to spell it right....oh well

dayf said...

Nope, I'm just an idiot... Sorry 'bout that.

Russ said...

I'm going to go cry myself to sleep. not really.

Steve Gierman said...

Next time... a new and improved strategy.