Thursday, January 24, 2008

2007 Topps '52 Rookie Card: Part II

The first pack was pretty nice and seemed to spark a bout of peer pressure directed towards dayf. I'm staying out of it.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
92 Devern Hansack (I can tell this guy was a product of Nicaragua's crumbling public school system based on his signature alone. It appears as if he was taught how to write his entire first name in cursive, but funding ran out and he was eternally damned to write his surname in manuscript.)

105 Kyle Hendrick
120 Yovani Gallardo (Milwaukee's rookie pitcher, however, trained under some of the best calligraphers and most ardent penmanship scholars the world has to offer. Neat, lilting, supple...this signature belongs on the Declaration of Independence. I'm really excited about this card. People who don't follow the Brewers might not know how much of a stud this guy could turn out to be...although none of us can forget the brightly burning flame that was Teddy Higuera who burned out oh so quickly.)

5 Troy Tulowitzki (This is the SP variant, I believe, though it's only because I got both versions that I know this. I wish there was a better way of being informed than looking on eBay to figure it out.)

109 Jesse Litsch
114 Juan Salas

Grade: B+
Another good pack. But I guess that's each to his own, since I've seen packs on this blog that I've thought flat-out sucked, but the ripper raved about. If '08 Heritage weren't coming out so soon, I'd be tempted to buy more of this stuff. By the way, on Topps' website, there is no longer a street date on Heritage's release. Anyone out there got the skinny on this?


Steve Gierman said...

I hope it's not delayed, I've got a contest in the works based on the box I pre-ordered.

dayf said...

I know very well the awesome that is Yovani, as he was a big help in my Fantasy league success last year.

Andy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to use eBay to figure out card variations.

Where are all the classic packs? Enough new stuff, already!