Monday, January 28, 2008

2003? or something In The Game Toronto Star Hockey

Ok, I know eveyone's sick of Hockey around here, but I just won this pack from Awesomely Bad Wax and I wanted to show it off. He's given out one other pack so far and he's desperately trying to give away this one, so claim it while you can! The pack came in the mail today and when I opened the envelope, this is what I saw:

I guess this is a Promo or something from a Toronto newspaper and it has five cards plus a foil card. Flipping the pack over shows this:

Dominick Hasek on the back, not too shabby. I don't know if this is the foil card or what, but it looks pretty foily. It's nice to see a hockey pack that's not from Upper Deck, but it looks like this pack may be from 2003. Is In The Game still making cards? No matter, time to rip this pack open.

Toronto Star redemption card
13 Jeff O'Neill
23 Patrick Roy
66 Marian Hossa
78 Barrett Jackman
F-5 Dominck Hasek

Sweet! I got a Thrasher even if he is still in a Sens uni. Two hall of fame goalies in Patrick Roy and the aforementioned foil Hasek is pretty nice too. Jeff O'Neill is meh and I've never heard of Jackman before in my life. He's probably won a bunch of awards but I don't care. I never played him in EA Sports NHL '95 so he is nobody as far as I'm concerned. He's got a goofy look on his face too like he's surprised that it's so cold and what the heck is this slippery stuff he's on anyway? The cards themselves are boring. The pictures are dark, the design is blah and they recycle the picture on the front and use it on the back. Booooooooring. I like three out of the five cards though and I got the thing free so what the hell am I complaining about. The top card in the pack can be redeemed for a chance at a Team Sponsorship for a local school or junior team so that's pretty neat. That's one way of getting kids interested in cards, too bad the cheapskate manufacturers down here in the States would never do something like that for a little league or high school team. These boring ass cards of players I've never heard of is why I quit collecting hockey in the first place. If I found myself buying a pack of this stuff I'd be as surprised as this guy:



Unknown said...

Opening any hockey pack is one of the first signs of addiction. dayf, you need to come to my "party" with all of your friends and family. No, this is not an intervention, what would make you think such a thing?

(Aside, whispering): Yes it is.

dayf said...

I'll open any pack, as long as it's free.

Steve Gierman said...

With my luck, you'll probably get a White Sox player in your pack of hockey cards. LOL

David Strohmenger said...

I picked up a box of these for $5 today in Buffalo. I'm not sure if the packs were distributed with the paper. The box shows a price of $3.49 (Canadian) per pack. The front of the box shows one of the 30 players on the foil cards. All 20 packs in the box will have this same foil card, so I'm stuck with 19 extra Mats Sundin foils. The collation is excellent. I didn't get any doubles.