Monday, January 28, 2008

Sox Or No Sox: 1-28-08

Let's play a pack opening game that I play on White Sox Cards, Sox Or No Sox.

The rules are simple. We take one unopened pack of baseball cards that was randomly selected by yours truly. We then go through the pack card by card looking for those elusive White Sox cards.

Along the way, there are two tricky and abundant traps to look out for. The first trap is the Cubs card. While hailing from Chicago, it is definitely not a Chicago White Sox card. The second trap is the Red Sox card. While technically a Sox card, it is vastly different than a White Sox card. Both traps are not necessarily bad things, but they get in the way of the games true goal: to find White Sox cards.

1/2 point is awarded for each card in the pack. 1 point is deducted from the score for each trap card. 1/2 point is taken away for each pointless mirror card. 2 points are awarded for each relic or autographed card (only 1 point awarded for a relic or autographed trap card). Any Fisk or Baines card on a non-White Sox uniform is found, then 1 point is awarded. 2 points are given for each White Sox card.

Our player in tonight's game is a 2007 Goudey pack. The pack contains 8 cards and features a nice looking wrapper. Very cool. Let's begin.

#1: Jake Peavy – 49 – San Diego Padres
Not too bad. Peavy has some pretty good stuff. Nice looking card.

#2: Bartolo Colon – 14 – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
An ex-White Sox player. Bartolo’s arm is extended. My pitching arm hurts here… and here. Things are looking up!

#3: Jorge Posada – 175 – New York Yankees
Not a bad looking card. Jorge seems to be caught in a moment of pondering.

#4: David Ortiz (Heads Up) – 283 – Boston Red Sox
A trap card! But a nice trap card of a great player.

Halfway through the pack. An ex-Sox player and a trap card. Not a good way to start. It could be worse though.. 4 cards left to go. Let’s see if we can get a White Sox card!

#5: Carlos Zambano – 24 – Chicago Cubs
Another trap card!! Carlos’ stern look says I am out of luck for this card. Maybe he can come up when somebody hit a Whammy. That look would make me avoid the Whammy!

#6: Grady Sizemore – 43 – Cleveland Indians
Good player, not a White Sox. At least this didn’t make three trap cards in a row.

#7: Rickie Weeks – 172 – Milwaukee Brewers
Rickie looks like he’s auditioning for the remake of Taxi Driver. You lookin’ at me?

#8: Juan Pierre – 196 – Los Angeles Dodgers
I’ve been everywhere, man. I’ve been everywhere. He could be competition for Kenny Lofton someday.

OK, our pack opening is complete. Not a bad selection. Two trap cards and no White Sox cards. I love the design on this set! But style has no point value in this game.

So, that’s ½ point for each card in the pack, -1 for each trap card.

Final score: 2 points
No White Sox cards in this game, but there's always next time on Sox Or No Sox.


hartmanj said...

If you are looking to trade that Big Papi card, I am your man.

Chuck said...

I really think you should deduct 2 points for that Zambrano card. Look at him, he's sneering at you. He's saying "Hey Sissy White Sox Fan, I Could Probably Kill You With My Pinky" By all that's holy and on the grave of Charles Comiskey, get rid of that evil card!!!

Steve Gierman said...

Chuck, the revenge is always sweeter for the White Sox fan. Zambrano always seems to get suspended for his behavior, so it's kind of nice to see that sneer and wonder how many games it will cost the Cubs in any given year.

Jeff, I'll set it aside for you.

dayf said...

Ok, you have had the worst run of No Sox Cards ever. You are totally due for a pack with about 6 Soxes in there.

Steve Gierman said...

No kidding, dayf. I only scored one White Sox card in a ringer pack of 10 cards! How is that even possible?

Maybe it's karma for pulling both a Thome and a Jenks game used jersey card as my two pulls in a hobby box of Upper Deck series 2 last year.

P.J. said...

It's the baseball Gods. Outside of a couple of packs in a Bowman Heritage box where I went on a Phillies binge, it's rare I get any of them. That being said, I've grabbed a couple White Sox recently in packs (Danks Bowman; Chris Carter Bowman Heritage; Joe Crede Bowman Heritage). However, as I scanned through to see those, I think the White Sox might be the fewest players I have from one team... maybe they don't make as many White Sox cards? :)

Steve Gierman said...

I run into Phillies cards all the time. The Gods must be crazy.

jason202 said...

It looks like David Ortiz had a little accident.