Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2006 Upper Deck Series 2

Ok, after the autograph-laden blasters being ripped right and left, we need to come back down to reality. Here' s a pack of Upper Deck Series two that was harvested from a blaster and stuck in some repack crap box I bought a while back. Let's open 'er up.

909 Jermaine Van Buren RC
1000 Jered Weaver RC
591 Scott Sauerbeck
535 Alex Cora
628 Chad Qualls
692 Luis Castillo
PBDJ-5 Derek Jeter R
870 Ryan Drese

This set really takes the cake for "Most Unreadable Names on the Front of a Card". Here's a note to all card manufaturers: There is a right way and a wrong way to use foil. The bold foil logos on a black background so you can actually see the thing is the right way. Tiny two-point italic font on a busy background is the wrong way. I can't tell if they did it right this year, because base cards are so useless they didn't even put them on this sell sheet. And no, I'm not going to download the powerpoint presentation from here, I'll just assume suckage.

Other than a Jered Weaver RC card and a Derek Jeter contest card, there's not much to speak of in this pack. I didn't feel like squinting to see Jermaine's name when I opened the pack so I just called him Martin and moved on. Other than Luis Castillo who is past his prime, the rest are a collection of middle relievers and utility guys. Not what you want to get for three bucks. This would be a decent pack if there were twice the cards for a buck less. Which if you think about it is about what they cost now as they all sit in repack boxes and dollar bins. The really interesting card is the Jeter contest card. I've never seen one of these before, it looks like if you spell out JETER you can enter a contest and win a night out drinking with Derek at the clubs picking up his leftovers or something. Or a screen saver download, oh goody. Not a terribly original contest but still kinda fun. Any card of the good overexposed Yankee star is nice. You know, now I'm curious. I think I downloaded that powerpoint presentation a while back, I want to see what '08 Upper Deck looks like. The stuff will be out on a week or so and I'm somewhat embarrassed I can't remember what it looks like since I've already written dissertations on the '08 Topps design...

Ah, that's why I don't remember it, because it's not memorable. 1995, anyone? Oh well, at least they are putting more cards in the pack this year.

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