Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage: Blaster MADNESS! Pack 8

Hey, we made it to the end of the Blaster! Wahoo! Makes me feel like having a beer. I'm out of beer, though. Note to self: buy beer.

Pack 8 (or, 1 EXTRA PACK!):

58 Michael Cuddyer
146 Mark Teahen
93 Marcus Giles Rainbow Parallel
BHP75 Brian Bocock
BHP93 Ryan Adams
237 Kevin Kouzmanoff RC
111 Adam LaRoche
27 Lance Berkman
Whew, I finally got an Oriole! Of course, I have no idea who the hell he is. Back of the card says he was a 2nd round pick last year. Last year he hit .236 with 15 extra base hits in 67 games at Aberdeen (short-season A-ball). I do love my IronBirds; a few years ago I interned with the team and made a few appearances as Ferrous, the dopey bird mascot. Still, I wouldn't count on Ryan making it to Baltimore any time soon.

Let's break this Blaster down by team, shall we? I always tend to think there's some mass Hobby Conspiracy designed to keep Orioles cards out of the packs that I rip, and I want to put some actual research into it:

Orioles - 1
Red Sox - 2
Yankees - 6
Devil Rays - 4
Blue Jays - 3

White Sox - 0
Indians - 1
Tigers - 0
Royals - 2
Twins - 1

Angels - 1
Athletics - 1
Mariners - 1
Rangers - 5

Braves - 0
Marlins - 1
Mets - 1
Phillies - 2
Nationals - 0

Cubs - 1
Reds - 1
Astros - 4
Brewers - 2
Pirates - 4
Cardinals - 4

Diamondbacks - 2
Rockies - 3
Dodgers - 3
Padres - 6
Giants - 2

Yeah, no Mid-Atlantic love here. Dayf or Steve at White Sox Cards would have raised hell over this Blaster. Look at all of the NL West action, too! You've probably heard about Bowman Heritage's wacky collation; all of the prospect inserts in this box were odd-numbered. Overall, I got:

Base cards 37/251, 14.7%
No Signature SP (1:3) 3/45 6.7% (Iwamura RC, Braun RC, Hughes RC)
Mantle short prints 1/5 20%
Bowman Prospects (2:1) 16/100 16%
Checklists 3/3 100%
Rainbow Parallel 7/251 2.8%
Pieces of Greatness Yadier Molina Jersey Card (1:660)

Not too shabby, not at all. I'll be back later this week with something that's a little outside of the box, no pun intended.


Steve Gierman said...

At least you got a card of singer/songwriter/baseball player Ryan Adams.

You're right, I would've bitched holy hell about this blaster for lack of White Sox. You did get a few nice cards though.

dayf said...

I'm not quite as laser focused as Steve, but yeah, no Braves at all would have made me raise an eyebrow. Especially after pulling the only Mantle I already had.

The rest of the box is nice though, SP Hughes and Braun rocks.

jason202 said...

Are these players on these BHP cards some of the most obscure prospects, or what? I've opened a few packs of '07 Heritage, and I have yet to pull a prospects card of anybody who sounds even remotely familiar.

Steve Gierman said...

I would've bitched, but in reality I would have been happy with whatever cards I got. But all of the SP's were good. Plus, a pretty decent player selection.

--David said...

SIGH... One Wahoo guy in the whole box. That's about right from my experience, though. Seems the only place to snag a bunch of Tribe players is eBay or card shops (of which there are exactly ZERO within a 45-mile radius of my house). But, at least we didn't get shut out!