Monday, January 07, 2008

Two for One: 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights

Hey there! For those who don't know me, my name is Kevin and I blog the two-headed monster of The Great 1965 Topps Project and Orioles Card "O" the Day. This is my debut post at A Pack a Day, in a manner of speaking. I guest-blogged some packs of 1995 Stadium Club last year, and dayf was kind enough to post them on my behalf.

Let's kick things off with some packs that I received in my Christmas stocking.

Pack 1:

UH73 Boone Logan
UH296 Edgar Gonzalez
UH60 Michael Barrett
UH31 Tony Pena (pitcher)
UH149 Homer Bailey RC
UH145 Macay McBride
UH25 Mark Hendrickson
BB739 Barry Bonds Home Run "History" #739
UH282 Classic Combo: Jonathan Papelbon and Jorge Posada
UH188 Ryan Rowland-Smith RC
UH244 Brad Penny NL All-Star
UH267 Brian Roberts AL All-Star

Pack 2:

UH41 Ryan Langerhans
UH6 J.D. Drew
UH305 Orlando Palmeiro
UH178 Matt Lindstrom RC
UH144 Edwin Jackson
UH137 Erick Aybar
UH214 Alex Rodriguez Season Highlights: 500th HR
GN542 Curtis Granderson Generation Now: Double #23
UH271 Dan Haren AL All-Star
UH276 Classic Combo: Alex Rodriguez and Russell Martin
UH216 David Ortiz AL All-Star
UH257 J.R. Hardy NL All-Star
Thoughts: The first pack here is definitely the better of the pair (no Alex Rodriguez cards; let's just say that I am not a fan). Homer Bailey is a promising rookie, and who knows, he might be an Oriole soon if Cincy is serious about trading for Erik Bedard. The Bonds card is pointless, but not as pointless as a card honoring Granderson's 23rd freaking double. Coincidentally, Bonds' 739rd homer was given up by Edgar Gonzalez, who appears elsewhere in the pack. Rowland-Smith is the first player in MLB history with a hyphenated last name for you trivia buffs. And of course I'm happy to get a Brian Roberts card. He is one of the best and most likeable players on my favorite team, and a lot of people seem to believe his steroids alibi.

I'll be back in a day or two with some more stocking stuffers from 2006 Topps.

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