Saturday, January 26, 2008

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces

This UD Masterpieces set is kind of like a favorite, mid-priced, local restaurant to me. The kind you stop by every now and again. In Milwaukee, it's The Chancery. The food is good, the menu is full of smart-aleck comments and inside jokes, and it's the perfect fallback when friends are visiting from out of town and you don't want to think too hard about where to take them.

This is the 2007 set that I haven't gone whole-hog on, but haven't completely given up on either. A pack here and there is enough to satisfy. Here's the most recent.

Let's tear in:

Top to Bottom:
82 Tim Lincecum RC

30 Derek Jeter
CC-GL Captured on Canvas Tom Glavine (Game-Used Gray)

2 Babe Ruth
27 Daisuke Matsuzaka RC

Grade: A
The jersey pull is my first from this set. Both hot rookie pitchers from the year and The Babe in the same pack? Sweet. Looks like I got 5 cards in a 4-card pack, but I'm not complaining. If anyone else is trying to collect this set, I've got cards to trade and I've got my want-list as well.

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Andy said...

Kind of weird that they put a picture of Glavine wearing home whites on a card with a game-used gray swatch. Also I question your use of "both" for the rookie pitchers, as if there weren't any other rookie pitchers of interest?