Sunday, January 20, 2008

2007 Topps Heritage

OK folks, here it is. An eleven-month old pack of '07 Topps Heritage.

First off, Thorzul was right about the wrappers.

<--- Before opening pack

After opening pack --->

Rule #34, folks. Rule #34.

Here it goes...

Wilfredo Ledezma (SP, 1:2/packs)
Dave Roberts
David DeJesus
Jason Schmidt
Mike Gonzalez
Pirates Team Card
Chad Tracy
Oswaldo Navarro (RC)

And of course, an individually wrapped stick of you-know-what.

Yee-Hah! I gots myself a short-print! A short-print of a guy who ran his passport through the spin-cycle.


Andy said...

Uh, what exactly are the pictures of your crotch supposed to represent?

dayf said...

Oh dear Jesus, at least Thorzul has the decency to warn us with the camel toe tag.

And like Cosmo Kramer, I'm out.

hartmanj said...

Too much info.