Friday, January 04, 2008

Draft Pick World Series: Bowman vs. Tristar - Game 2

Game one was a slaughter for TriStar. Barry Bonds sunk Bowman and then a David Kopp auto piled on the hurting. Bowman gets a chance to redeem itself today though and even up the series. Let's Play Ball!

BDP52 Brendan Ryan
BDP24 Dennis Dove
BDPP89 Chrome J.R. Towles
BDP34 Chrome Matt Brown
BDP32 Gold Nate Schierholtz
BDPP14 Travis d'Arnaud
BDPP107 Cameron Maybin

29 Wendell Fairley
18 Kellen Kulbacki
PT-GR Greg Reynolds Protential
80 Colby Rasmus
54 Sean Doolittle
56 Barry Enright

Jeez, another Cameron Maybin? I know he's a serious prospect but does he need to be in both green and blue sets? Not much else in the Bowman pack. Brendan Ryan apparently pissed off LaRussa and the Cards just signed Cesar Izturis to play short. Dennis Dove is a reliever who has been outrighted to the minors this offseason. Matt Brown got a 5 at bat cup of coffee with the Angels this year. Pretty lackluster pack, and JR Towles' photo of his back is not nearly as interesting as his Bowman Heritage card.

Not much in the TriStar pack either though. Colby Rasmus is the best prospect, but it's not a "Pro Debut" card, so that makes this just another minor league issue. Wendell Fairley is an interesting prospect, but we probalby won't hear anything from him for a few years. The insert card is pretty blah, a minor league pitcher who just had shoulder surgery.

Two average packs here, with not much to propel either on top. Tie goes to Bowman, they have one more card per pack plus their design is waaaaaaay better than TriStar. I understand foil stamping is just a part of the hobby nowadays, but was it really necessary to put a foil name on a foil background?? It's like they're trying to make us go blind. Bowman ties the series by default.

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