Thursday, January 10, 2008

Draft Pick World Series: Bowman vs. Tristar - Game 5

The series is all tied up and it's the crucial game five. Whoever loses has to pull off two wins in a row, while the winner can cruise to victory with just one good pack. For the rest of the series I'll take the packs one at a time to build artificial suspense since I ripped all these packs last week anyway and I know exactly what's about to happen. That's right, this is all a ruse, scripted just like a reality series. You don't care though, you just want to see the cards. So onward! Here's pack 5!

BDP22 Sean Gallagher
BDP43 Yunel Escobar
BDPP81 Chrome Michael Madsen
BDPP51 Chrome Mike McDade
BDP2 Gold Matt Chico
BDPP31 Scott Carroll
BDPP83 Jeff Niemann

It appears that Bowman didn't get all the money they were promised by Arnold Rothstein and are kicking it up a notch in the series. Eddie Cicotte, um, I mean Matt Chico is pitching a great game and there's even a Futures game card that has a picture that isn't from that exact same 3rd base angle as all the others. There are two draft picks, Carroll was a third rounder for the Reds and McDade was a 6th rounder for the Blue Jays. After the first couple of rounds it gets increasingly difficult to find any information on these guys, a Google search for Mike McDade came up with some dude's MySpace page. The real winner though is Yunel Escobar, he (along with Jason Heyward and maybe Joba) is one of the few cards that could win one of these games all by himself. This is a nice looking card too with Yunel taking a big hack in a spring training game. TriStar is going to have to come up big to beat this.

74 Nathan Vineyard
61 Joe Savery
FH-MB2 Michael Burgess
28 Daniel Moskos
30 Max Scherzer
24 Grant Desme

Out of nowhere! A second auto! The rumors were true!!! The autograph is of Washington's Michael Burgess. No, not that one. The other one. He tore up the rookie league last year and is already listed as the Nats' #4 prospect by Baseball America. He's only 19 and needs seasoning, so he might not get caught up in Washington's current glut of outfielders. Very sweet.
There's also a card of #4 overall pick Daniel Moskos. Moskos is a hard throwing lefty (nice!) picked up by the Pirates (uh oh) and could end up as their closer one day. There's even a card of Nathan Vineyard, who went to high school right up the road from me. Not even Yunel can save Bowman from this pack. TriStar wins game 5 and leads the series 3-2. Bowman's in deep trouble, they could really use a refractor right about now.

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Dave said...

Oh, you'll get a refractor.

How much you wanna bet that its #237, Indicty McJuicer?

Lots of Bonds cards turning up in BD&P boxes. What's up with that?