Thursday, January 03, 2008

Draft Pick World Series: Bowman vs. Tristar - Game 1

Ok, so I might have swung and missed on my first pack of '08. I don't care, I got a new Sexay Lady for the 2008 version of Twelve Days of Cardmas, an Allen & Ginter mini card and the gum was yummy. But to show you I'm a nice guy, I'll do something extra special to make up for it. A Draft Pick World Series!

A couple days ago I posted the first pack of a Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects blaster. The other seven packs in the box were scheduled to go on my blog for a set review. However, a few days before that I posted a rip of a TriStar Prospects Plus pack and the comments got me intrigued enough to find a blaster of the stuff. So now I have seven packs of Bowman and seven packs of Tristar... seven packs, seven games... hey, it's World Series time! These two blasters will hopefully help decide once and for all which is the better draft pick set. Some of you are asking, what about Donruss? Donruss has a draft pick set too, why did they get shut out of the championship series? Well, because Donruss Elite costs $125 a box and there is the very real possibility that the big hit could be Steve Spurrier. You, uh, knock yourself out with that stuff.

I have to say, Bowman is a decided favorite here. They are a licensed product and have refractors. Shiny rainbow glowy cards usually win. TriStar guarantees an auto per blaster, so the scrappy underdogs do have a trick up their sleeves. Here's Game 1 of the TriStar vs. Bowman Draft Pick World Series.

BDP12 Cameron Maybin
BDP40 Andy LaRoche
BDPP91 Chrome Brian Bocock
237 Chrome Indicty McJuicer
BDP39 Gold Mark McLemore
BDPP90 Alcides Escobar
BDPP59 Wendell Fairley

15 Tim Alderson
41 Danny Payne
FH-DK Farm Hands David Kopp Autograph
6 Rick Porcello
17 Johnathan Arencibia
99 Cale Iorg

Between pulling my guaranteed autograph from TriStar and the Wretched Bonds in Bowman, I don't have to even attempt to analyze these packs. It's Tristar in a slaughter in the first game. Not even RCs of Cameron Maybin and Andy LaRoche (who already were in past Bowman sets, incidentally) save the Bowman pack from a stinkin' Red card polluting my Rookie set. Seriously, I don't care if it's a Chipper Jones autogamer superfractor numbered 1/1 with a hundred dollar bill taped to the back of it, any red cards in these Bowman packs equals automatic loss. It's almost too bad that TriStar's automatic auto is wasted thanks to Bonds' disqualification. David Kopp is a righty pitcher from Clemson who was drafted by the Cardinals, and has a pretty unique autograph. After one game, TriStar leads 1-0 on the strength of an autograph and a stupid Bonds card.


Unknown said...


Apparently David Kopp writes in Arabic.

Jack Terrapin said...

I'd get that Kopp straight into a top loader! Nice pull! Donruss EEE also has a nice AU card for him.

Unknown said...

I saw on another board where someone had busted a box of the Donruss product and pulled an autographed Vince Dooley card of all things.