Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prospect time!

Hello all. Before I get to ripping some packs, allow me to intro myself. I'm P.J. and thanks to Ben for inviting me on board.

Cliff notes version: I'm a Phillies fan, collect pretty much only baseball cards, work as a sports writer and cover a minor league team. Because of that, I enjoy collecting prospect cards. Recently I got into the Tristar Prospect Plus set and am building it.

So, tonight I went into Wal-Mart, found a couple of blasters and figured I could possibly finish off my set tonight (well base, the Protential will take a little longer as they are inserts).

However, I'll be staying away from any major purchases that involve baseball cards for a while. I've been a little nuts with them lately and need to save some cash. So, I'll just be peeking around looking to get a pack or so each week to rip on here.

About this blaster: Seven packs, six cards in each pack. One guaranteed auto per box (I've gotten two in each of the other two blasters I've done). I'll do one tonight and then the other sometime soon.

Anyway, on with the break.

Pack 1:
71 Eddie Kunz
2 Peter Kozma
44 Wes Roemer
75 David Kopp (set need)
95 Bubba Bell
39 Duke Welker

Pack 2:
63 Brett Cecil (set need)
55 Tommy Hunter
92 Pedro Beato
Travis Snider (protential insert)
43 Ben Revere (set need)
52 Jonathan Bachanov (set need)

Pack 3:
83 Casey Crosby
96 Jake Arrieta
21 Mike Moustakas
69 Josh Smoker (set need)
13 Kyle Lotzkar (set need)
27 Nick Hagadone (set need)

Pack 4:
15 Tim Alderson
26 Michael Burgess
59 Josh Donaldson
FH-MB Madison Bumgardner - Farmhands Auto
PT-NA Nick Adenhart (protential)
91 Jose Tabata (set need)

Pack 5:
79 Taylor Grote
38 Matt Mangini
77 William Middlebrooks
14 Brandon Hamilton (set need)
7 Clayton Mortensen (set need)
97 Travis Snider (set need)

Pack 6:
100 Yung Chi Chen
32 Devin Mesoraco
65 James Simmons
PT-SE Scott Elbert (protential - set need)
37 Jarrod Parker (set need)
20 Brian Rike (set need)

Pack 7
50 Jon Gilmore
5 Casey Weathers
10 Matt Dominguez
88 John Mayberry
70 Aaron Poreda
58 Justin Jackson (set need)

Overall thoughts: Not a bad blaster break. Could I have gotten the individual cards cheaper? Probably, but would it have been as fun? No way! A little disappointed I broke my two-autograph box streak, but I still have another box to break and plan on doing that soon!


dayf said...

Question for ya - I've also busted three boxes of this stuff and also gotten five autos. The two blasters with two autos had them in the first and fifth packs, The one with only one had the auto in the fourth pack just like yours. Did the other boxes with two autos also have the first auto on the top packs? Just wondering if there's a pattern here.

Also - if you need any for your set, let me know, I have a few doubles.

P.J. said...

The last blaster I broke, the autos were in packs 2&7. Can't remember with the first one, but I know it was in the first couple of packs because I was all irritated that I had gotten the auto early and thought the rest was a bust!

After the last blaster, I realized how much I liked this set, which is why I got stupid and bought two tonight, even though I really can't justify the $40 right now. ;)

I'll post the other blaster when I finish it, so we can see if there is any sort of a pattern.

Steve Gierman said...

I'd be interested in the Aaron Poreda card if you would like to trade in the future, since it's not a set need card.

BeeRad said...

PJ, that was a great post. I have a hobby box and several packs worth of singles and Farm Hands autos that aren't doing me any good. Please let me know if you'd be interested in trading. Hopefully we can expedite the completion of that set.

hartmanj said...

I like this set. I do a lot of autographing and the young guys always sign better. I also have some doubles if the other guys don't have everything you need.

P.J. said...

White Sox Cards: I'm pretty sure I could part with that card.

Beerad: Always interested in trading. I'm going to sit down and see what I have now and what I need. From what I've been told, the auto I pulled was one of the better ones, so that's bonus. Maybe eBay! :D

On base: I agree. This set really drew me in. I've never attempted to put a set together by myself, but once I got a couple of Blasters, I really liked the look of it and opted to go forward with a set build (especially considering there's only 100 base and 30 protentials).

P.J. said...

For those who mentioned trading and such, after the Blasters and some mail I am expecting, this is what I need to complete this set:

Base: 11, 24, 30

Protential: DP, CL2, MS, GR, EL, JV, MW, AM, FM, CK, AB, FM2, JK, BR, YC, CC, CI, LL, CL

BeeRad said...

PJ, I only have FM2 Protential as well as FarmHands autos of Briank Rike, Barry Enright nd Andrew Cumberland. I am in need of a handful of 2007 Bowman Heritage singles. Let me know if you can help. Thanks!

Steve Gierman said...

I don't have any of the card you need for this set, at the moment. But I'll be on the lookout.

P.J. said...

Beerad -- which Heritage's are you looking for? I've cracked a bunch of those packs.

BeeRad said...

pj i am looking for #'s 67, 139, BHP 10, BHP 40 as well as the Mantle SP's. Does anyone have these?!