Saturday, January 19, 2008

2007-2008 Stadium Club Basketball

Here's that really good pack of Stadium Club basketball I promised you a while back. No one commented on the Grandmama commercial that I posted last time so I almost didn't post this fine pack. I decided to do it anyway, but I'm posting it on the weekend so no one will see it. That'll teach you to disrespect Grandmama. There ain't but five cards, so I'll do them one at a time.

62 Joe Johnson
The same guy who caused the Hawks' entire management structure to implode is the same one who will likely lead them to the playoffs. Or at least one game out of the playoffs, which is pretty damn good for the Hawks.

92 Isiah Thomas
He's worthless as a coach, general manager and executive, but damn could Zeke ball.

133 Nick Fazekas X-Fractor.
My eyes! Teh shiny! I go blind now! It's a shame I lost my sight to a second round pick who played two games for the Mavs before getting shipped off to the D-League. An auto's an auto though, even if it's the minimalist N F variety. You can barely see it, but there's a ghostly Nick peering out at you on the right side of the card. This isn't due to the scan, it's actually barely visible on the card too.

100 Kenny Smith
Kenny played for the Hawks for about fifteen minutes and he's not terrible on TNT so I like him.

87 Wilt Chamberlain
Best card in the set, let alone this pack. Stilt in the Sixers uni facing off against Russell in the Garden. Classic.

An auto, a player I root for and three old school players in one pack. Freakin' sweet. You guys may not appreciate classic commercials but you have to appreciate Russell and Wilt.

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Unknown said...

Hey, I need some help. I pulleded a 1st issue #38 drew gooden from the 2007-2008 stadium club hobby box and it is 0055/1999 but with no mane on front. Is this like this on all the cards? What's up?