Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2007 Topps '52 Rookie Card

My resolve is weakening. I just can't resist the alluring siren call of succulent Topps Retro, even if it is the stinking 1952 design AGAIN. After seeing the slick Joba insert here I ran out in a frenzy determined to get a blaster. I managed to cool down by the time I got to the store and was able to get by with only one pack. This pack better be lousy or I'm in some real damn trouble here. Let's open this thing. Yeah, let's open it slow... Mmmm, the wrapper feels sooo gooood.

75 Josh Fields
30 Hunter Pence
21 Brian Barden
TCRC91 Refractor Yovani Gallardo #529/552
182 Shelly Duncan
111 Cory Doyne

I know I'm cruelly taunting Steve with the Josh Fields card, but I bought this pack literally 15 minutes after I had dropped off a package to him at the post office. If I had gone to Target before the post office I would have gotten one of those plastic things that hold the paperwork on the Priority mail boxes, slipped Josh in a top loader and stuck it on the outside of his bubble mailer. Sorry Steve, maybe in a future trade. I was hoping for a bad pack and I didn't get it. I know who 4 out of 6 of these guys are at first glance. Josh of course, Shelly could be the starting first baseman for the freakin' Yankees next year, Pence was one of the hotter rooks this year and Yovani... Oh Yovani. Why did a refractor have to be in this pack when I'm looking for reasons not to collect this set. Seriously, out of like four or five packs I've gotten a chrome, a refractor, a GOLD refractor, a short print, a variation and a black back. Plus there are cards like Cory Doyne here. I don't know what is most fantastic about this card... The spectacular specs, the novelty glove that looks like Cory pulled it out of a crane machine at Chuck-E Cheese, or the look on Cory's face. The look that says "Yeah, I look like a total dork , but I'm in THE SHOW beeyotch!!"

I'm in trouble. I'm gonna end up getting a blaster of this stuff now, I just know it. I do have a a cunning plan however... Since the 2006 and 2007 sets look exactly alike, I'm going to sort them all together into one big set. That way it will be easier to get a complete set, and if I have two cards with the same number I'll play it off like it's a 'variation' card. It... could... WORK!


Unknown said...

Gene Wilder (Milwaukee native) is in my list of top 5 favorite actors.

Rounding out the list:
George Clooney (Great line delivery.)
Gene Hackman
Billy Bob Thornton
Bill Murray

I wonder if there's a Wilder in the Donruss Americana set...gotta go and check! Bye!

Steve Gierman said...

Taunting will only get me to trade more.

darkship said...

One pack and you get a refractor!!! Sometimes life just ain't fair! I've pulled a couple of chrome's but that's it, and that's with buying blasters! oh well at least someone has luck! Nice pull