Saturday, January 26, 2008

1990 Topps Hockey

Since Chuck didn't open a hockey pack, I guess I'll do it. I got a bunch of these packs on a business trip a long time ago and one of them ended up still in the wrapper when I was finished. This is as good a time to open as any with the All Star Game going on and all...

broken gum, broken dreams...
317 Rob Ramage
258 Brent Sutter
149 Adam Oates
290 David Reid
136 Doug Gilmore
69 Cam Neely
40 Craig Wolanin
10 Mick Vukota
Team Scoring Leaders 5 Paul Reinhart
253 Don Beaupre
1 Wayne Gretzky Number One!
98 Jim Johnson
357 Perry Berezan
256 Gordie Roberts
87 Joe Nieuwendyk

Utterly spectacular pack. Plus I know who most of these guys are, unlike pulls from today's packs. First off, any pack with a Wayne Gretzky of any kind is automatic Win. Plus it's got that old picture of him in the Indianapolis uniform which is neat. There are also four Flames in the pack. I will never forgive Tom #%^#$ Cousins for sending my team to the frozen north in 1980. Of all the hockey teams that relocated, mine had to be the one to go from south to north instead of the other way around. Nieuwendyk and Gilmour are in the Flames uni while Perry Berezan and Rob Ramage used to wear the red unis. Gilmour's a favorite anyway, I'll never forget the SportsCenter commercial where Dan Patrick is plastering on makeup while talking about how "Mark Messier is tough. Doug Gilmour is tough." while Olbermann gets a facial. Gretzky, Flames, and on top of that are Adam Oates and Cam Neely. If I went out right now and bought a blaster of any 2007 product on the shelves - no, two blasters - I couldn't beat this pack I bought for 50 cents and forgot about somehow. Plus like the Topps Football packs, this year's product had a one per pack insert of team leader cards. Pretty sweet. I love any Topps product with the old cardboard stock and getting old Hockey wax is a cheap way of opening some of it.


shoeboxlegends said...

It's great to see some old hockey cards covered on A Pack a Day! Unbelievably, at least from the scans you've posted, it seems as though you may have opened a mullet-free 1990 hockey pack!

Chuck said...

Give me a break dayf, I didn't have any unopened packs around. I'm expecting some sweet early 2000's stuff next week. I promise to bust a few packs then! I thought I'd start my posts here with a primer on hockey cards.


dayf said...

Hey, man, it's A Pack A Day, ya gotta open a pack! Besides, I've been saving that pack for a while now.

Unfortunately Gilmour's the most mullety card in the pack, but Rob Ramage has a good white-boy fro going on.

kevincrumbs said...

Great pack... Oates, Neely, Gretzky, Nieuwendyk, Ramage, Beaupre (!)

I love the wrapper.

Captain Canuck said...

your loss is my gain my friend.... living in Calgary, it's been great to see some outstanding hockey teams over the years. (one or two of them even being the Flames!)

Aco said...

I have the same cards, also have Jim Hrivnak, Stephane Fiset - Top Prospects (look like rookie season) along with about 100 others.

As i am from Sydney, Hockey is not big at all..

Does anyone know what sort of money they are worth or somewhere i can find out.

If they are worth a bit which i'm pretty sure there not would mean a Case of beer / Fosters (we drink VB but believe it is believed Fosters is ale)in it!

Have a great day/night (don't know time difference...


Anonymous said...

I have the whole 1990 League set!396 cards. I wish somebody woulda answerd the guys question about how much they'r worth insteada jus blabb'n away.O WeLL.......Does n e 1 no how much these cards r worth?