Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1983 Topps Baseball Rack Pack

I, too, will take a cue from dayf, except I will go to more extreme lengths to abide by the original charter. Yes, those were sweltering days back in early July of 1776, and the forefathers of A Pack A Day had envisioned something other than the monstrosity this once-great land had become. From the National Archive emerges a hallowed rack package of 1983 Topps. Shall the Great Ryne of Sand-berg appear henceforth, of will the Earl of Boggs grace us with his visage? Only time will tell, as a mere one-third of this pack shall be opened on three successive sundowns.

These truths we hold to be self-evident, thusly we tear in.

Top-most to Bottom-dwelling:
316 Paul Splittorff
342 Atlee Hammaker
216 Tony LaRussa (I wasn't prepared for someone still "active" to come out of this, but what the hey?)
145 Don Sutton (Sweet late-season pickup by the '82 Brew Crew.)

772 Jim Kern (Pimpishly defiant. Possibly a relative of Kevin Federline.)

242 Joe Nolan
512 Doyle Alexander (Always seem to get him in old packs.)
49 Willie McGee (How was this guy not given a card number that was a multiple of 10 after 1982?)
592 Shane Rawley
504 Don Werner
778 Rich Hebner
339 Roger Erickson
316 Paul Splittorff (Oh no...)
342 Atlee Hammaker (OH NO...)
407 Bruce Sutter All-Star (Ahhhh...sweet redemption.)

684 Rafael Landestoy
479 Charlie Hough (and I'll puff, and I'll blowwwww your house down!)

Grade: C
Batch! (My new curse word.) Nothing gets under my skin like intra-pack doubles. Sutter saves this pack from abject disgrace. The Sutton is nice. I'd still like to see a little more oomph from the las two sections of this card show purchase.


dayf said...

Egads! My poor attempt at a Jumbo pack joke is going to cause me to have to wait three whole days to see a beautiful '83 Topps rack pack rip? Nooooooo!

Look on the bright side on the doubles though... Maybe you'll get doubles of Headband and Yount if the trend continues.

Steve Gierman said...

A White Sox double in a rack pack? I'm jealous. I usually don't even get one.

stusigpi said...

Dude that Willie McGee is sweet. My dad bought me 20 or so packs of 83 topps when i was a kid. I got all the stars except for Sandberg, Boggs and McGee. I got the Gwynn, but I was a cubs fan and had WGN. They played McGee's Cardinals so I really wanted that card.