Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pack Tease

My Christmas present to myself arrived today, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Today was the first day back after Christmas vacation, and I''l be damned if kids weren't falling asleep left and right. I, however, was in top form. Not only did I make someone cry before lunch, but I beat my 9:30 a.m. record. Still got it.

Anyways, I splurged a little (for your benefit and mine) by buying one of those guaranteed hits packs that people like to advertise. How do they do it? They won't say, but I'll bet it involves shoving little old ladies out of the way to get first crack at the best packs. Below is the pack I plan on busting tonight.

This happens only if I get all of my laundry done today.

My dirty undies. Laundry, Dude.
The whites.

Mini-contest. Identify the movie from which the above quote is taken.
What does the winner get?

See you all later tonight.

Thorzul Will Rule.


SJ said...

Today was our first day back too and I was on. 8th grade boys (32 of them) right out of the box, 8:30-9:25. Best lesson I've taught in a long time. Too bad the other 2 eighth grades didn't get such a fine lesson. No packs for me though.

Captain Canuck said...

I do believe that was a quote from The Big Lebowski, was it not?

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Brian.

Enjoy your brief wave of superiority.

mmosley said...

First day back for me too!. 7th Grade. At afterschool tutoring I was helping a student with Social Studies. The question was who first helped bring literacy and healthcare to Africa. He said Oprah Winfrey!

Captain Canuck said...

"Nice job, Brian.

Enjoy your brief wave of superiority."

Yes! I am so smrt, I am so smrt... S! M! R! T!

Russ said...

mmosley, I think my favorite misanswer from kids came when I was helping my roommate in college grade tests he gave while he was student teaching. For a test on World War II, I think it was, he put one of the multiple choice answers as one of the battles from Star Wars. Sadly, there were a couple kids that picked that answer.

And I can't wait to see what you get in this pack.

dayf said...

Hey, Legendary Cuts! Finish that laundry quick! I love that set.