Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sweet Redemption

So in order to redeem myself, I went out and got a blaster of 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights Baseball cards. I will break 2 packs.

Ok, here we go....

Pack Numbero Uno:

#196 Brian Wolfe RC (Yawn)
#202 Danny Putnam RC

(Danny has "troubled youth" written all over him)

#29 Carlos Silva
#166 Felix Pie RC

(I'm working under the suspicion that this is really Alphy Soriano)

#237 Justin Verlander
#283 Classic Combo Carl Crawford/Victor Martinez

(Hi-Fiving as if they're celebrating something very very special)

Wow, that pack was so thrilling I just gotta open another one...I just gotta!!

Pack Numero Dos:

#98 Greg Dobbs
#80 Reggie Sanders
#44 Scott Spiezio

Generation Now #140 Ian Kinsler celebrates 16 Two-Baggers!!! YESSS!!!!

#247 An extremely confused looking Hideki Okajima
#291 Home Run Derby Magglio Ordonez

(Oh that hair...that hair..I loves that hair)

And, I think we have some sweet mojo here....


Bonus pack tres (I can't stop now....I must continue)

#84 Kyle Farnsworth

(Yes, its the cool cat from Happy Days...the Farns!)

#209 Troy Tulowitzki "performs" an unassisted triple play.

(Performs??? Don't ask me, I do not know)

#208 Mark Buehrle No-Hitter
Mickey Mantle Insert Card

(I believe this is from the "Mickey Wastes His God-Given Talent" series)

#220 Vlad Guerrero's All-Star Card
#290 Ryan Howard Home Run Derby

(lid is on backwards and Howard is looking goooood)

Well, I think its safe to say that opening 3 stellar packs like these really reaffirmed my faith in the hobby and re-ignited my love of collecting baseball cards. And you have the NERVE to ask why I love hockey cards so much???

See you soon with some sweet retro hockey breaks....

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dayf said...

Now that's the ticket... I'm happy that I'm not the only one who noticed that Danny Putnam looks a little like a juvenile delinquent in that picture.