Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Draft Pick World Series: Bowman vs. Tristar - Game 3

Ok, after a little weekend break it's time to continue the World Series of Draft Pick sets. We're all tied up after two games so it's anyone's series. Let's rip.

BDP27 Ben Francisco
237 Arrrrrrggghhhhh
BDPP110 Chrome Justin Upton
BDP51 Chrome Kevin Slowey
BDP10 Gold Glen Perkins
BDPP106 Michael Saunders
BDPP52 Charlie Culberson

1 David Price
89 Brad Suttle
68 Mitch Canham
34 Jackson Williams
16 Jordan Zimmerman
72 Julio Borbon

No inserts in TriStar this time, but some interesting stuff nonetheless. David Price was the #1 overall pick by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The big lefty from Vanderbilt looks like he could be a dominant pitcher in the majors one day. Suttle is a third baseman picked in the 4th round by the Yankees. Can you say trade bait? Mitch Canham was a catcher for the Beavers. Yeah, I snickered at that too. I think Jackson Williams is this guy from Oklahoma, but a Google search for "jackson williams" gets about 18 billion hits. Can you believe there's already been a pitcher named Jordan Zimmerman in the majors? This guy here was drafted out of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point by the Nationals in the second round last year, which basically means he's penciled in as their opening day starter. Borbon is a fantastic baseball name, and Julio looks like he could be a decent outfielder for the Rangers one day. All in all a really good pack with some nice prospects in there including the number one overall. Can you imagine if Price delivers as advertised and the Rays hold on to Kazmir? Yankers and Sawks will have have to hold onto their butts in the East.

Here's basically all I have to say about the Bowman pack:

No red cards in the rookie packs. Topps fails at life. TriStar leads the series, 2-1.


Kevin said...

237 Arrrrrrggghhhhh

Thank goodness you've updated your other blogs today. I thought for a second there that you died while typing this.

dayf said...

If I had died while ripping this pack I wouldn't bother to type Arrrrrrggghhhhh, I'd just say it.

Than again I could have been dictating.