Saturday, January 12, 2008

Draft Pick World Series: Bowman vs. Tristar - Game 7

Here it is, Game 7, the one for all the marbles. Bowman's mangaged to take it to the limit despite a sub-par box and a TriStar product with TWO hits. We'll go through this last pack card by card. Since there is only 6 cards in TriStar and 7 in Bowman, let's assume that it's a 0-0 tie in the bottom of the third and Bowman's up.

Bottom of the Third: Bowman 0, Tristar 0

Bowman:BDP28 Doug Slaten RC

He;s a solid relief pitcher for the D-Backs, and it appears to be a true rookie card, but can a rookie of a middle reliever really make it in Game 7 of the World Series? Nah.

Top of the Fourth: Bowman 0, TriStar 0

TriStar: 8 Ryan Dent

A sandwich pick of the Red Sox, Ryan was a good debut in the rookie league. If his name was Arthur, he'd be worth at least a run.

Bottom of the Fourth: Bowman 0, Tristar 0

Bowman: BDP36 Carlos Gomez RC

It's telling that the Mets traded Lastings Milledge and kept him. Supposedly he's faster than Jose Reyes, yipe. He has Bowman prospect cards in '06, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. A walk, a steal, a ground out to second advancing the runner and a SAC fly gets a run home for Bowman.

Top of the Fifth: Bowman 1, TriStar 0

TriStar: 53 Matt Wieters

The number five overall pick in the draft by the Orloles, this catcher from Georgia Tech got a 6 million dollar signing bonus thanks to Scott Boras. The official site of Minor League Baseball (who licensed this set, by the way) ranks him the 21st best prospect in the minors. Georgia Tech alum, huge prospect, and check out that cool minor league logo. Ironbirds! Two run jack to deep left field.

Bottom of the Fifth: Bowman 1, Tristar 2

Bowman: BDPP85 Chrome Geovany Soto

Bowman needed to step up here with a good chrome card and instead they give me a Futures game card with a photo of Geovany's fat butt. 1-2-3 inning for Bowman.

Top of the Sixth: Bowman 1, TriStar 2

TriStar: PT-CL2 Chris Lubanski ProTential

Another #5 overall pick, this time by the Royals. Only problem is he was picked in 2003. He's only 22 and still has lots of promise, but not quite enough. Double to the gap, runner advanced to third, but TriStar can't knock him home.

Bottom of the Sixth: Bowman 1, Tristar 2

Bowman: BDP22 Chrome Sean Gallagher RC

Bowman needed to step up here and they blew it. Gallagher is still real young and might end up a good pitcher for someone, but right now he's a long reliever with a huge ERA. He also has cards going back to 2004. Swing and a miss. Bowman needs their draft picks to step up big time now.

Top of the Seventh: Bowman 1, TriStar 2

TriStar: 11 Jason Heyward

GRAND SLAM! Jason is the whole reason I'm buying these draft cards. The #14 overall pick by the Braves, he has big time power and has been compared to Fred McGriff and Derrek Lee. Expect to see him in left field at Turner Field sometime in the next 5 years or so unless Teixieira moves on and he takes over at first.. Things are looking gloomy in the Bowman dougout.

Bottom of the Seventh: Bowman 1, Tristar 6

Bowman: BDPP58 Gold Jarrod Parker

Big time pitching prospect picked #9 overall by the D-Backs. Top ten picks equal runs, but the fact that he passed up a scholarship to Georgia Tech to sign kills the rally.

Top of the Eighth: Bowman 3, TriStar 6

TriStar: 62 Trystan Magnuson

Y'm not analizyng ani one named Trystan wyth a Y. Whi do parents do these thyngs.

Bottom of the Eighth: Bowman 3, Tristar 6

Bowman: BDPP58 Jarrod Parker

Bowman, Bowman, Bowman. Why do you do these things. Top ten pick or not, you had a golden opportunity and you gave me a double in a pack. Kid Gleason is pulling his hair out while Chick Gandil shuffles his feet and whistles innocently. Buck Weaver's not making the same mistake twice, he's running to go tell Eisner about the fix.

Top of the Ninth Bowman 3, TriStar 6

TriStar: 87 Austin Romine

High School catcher picked up in the second round by the Yankees. He could take over for Posada in a half dozen years, but not good enough to add to TriStar's lead.

Bottom of the Ninth: Bowman 3, Tristar 6

The Bowman faithful are on their feet, they need a big rally to take the championship. Another Heyward would win the series for them. Here's the pitch...

Bowman: BDPP10 Brandon Hamilton

And the dream dies. A sandwich pick for the Tigers (who have had pretty good luck selecting pitchers to be fair) but a Google search came up with a photographer, a Canadian League cornerback and a Scottish Duke before the pitcher. Go Crazy, TriStar, Go Crazy!

Final Score: Tristar 6, Bowman 3.

TriStar wins the series 4-3.

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Kevin said...

Man, you got a Wieters! It's indicative of the sorry current team, but we're majorly excited about Matt in Baltimore, and he's projected to be with the big team in 2009. He's been compared to Mauer and Varitek (another GT alum), and he's got a nonroster invite to Spring Training this year.

By the way, I used to intern for the IronBirds...not only did I have a few uncomfortable conversations with Billy Ripken, I also made some public appearances as Ferrous, the big dopey bird mascot. I'll probably get into it in more detail whenever I get around to posting a Billy card on my blog.

Dave said...

Enjoyed the subtle Hitchhiker's guide reference. Best book ever.

--David said...

ROTFL - great HHTTG ref! Back in the day, in Colorado I ran a BBS on my C=64 called "Arthur's Den" that was based on the series of books! :-)