Tuesday, January 29, 2008

'52 Rookies contest prizes

Ok folks, don't forget tonight at 10:00pm eastern (7:00pm for you Pacific folks) I'll be ripping a box of '52 Rookies. If you haven't put in your guess for how long the bust will take, go here and give it a shot. Even if you plan to show up tonight, this way you'll be covered in case your computer blows up.

Once again, here's how the game works:

People who can't be at the break can guess how long the break will take. The person closest who isn't at the box break wins.

Everyone at the live break tries to find out which four 2006 '52 rookie cards decoy cards I sneak into the box break. The first person to post a comment for each card wins.

Simple enough, right?

Ok, now here's the prizes. I have seven to choose from. The person who guesses the time correctly gets the first pick of the prizes, then the person who guesses the first card gets the second pick, then so on down through decoy cards 2, 3 and 4 .

Prize 1: A Really Bad Autograph Card

And when I say bad, I mean Bad. I'll give you a choice between bad cards, but needless to say they are all bad. Minor leaguers who didn't make it, hand signed cards with no COA, autos from other sports, I might even have my OWN autograph in there. These are bad cards. This is my sociological experiment phase of the contest, I want to see if the allure of an Autograph is so strong that people will choose that card even if they are told up front that it's really really bad.

Prize 2: Five insert cards

Five inserts that are all pretty good. no mid 90's no name one a pack inserts or parallel junk, these will all be players you have heard of before on nice, shiny cards. I might even take a request for a player if you ask nicely.

Prize 3: 10 Vintage Topps cards

These will all be from 1979 or before and at least half will be from the 50 's and 60's. No beater cards either with creases and holes and mustaches drawn on the cards (unless you specifically request it). All will be in good shape.

Prize 4: One card from each Topps set from 1980-2007

That's right one type card per year for every single Topps set from 1980 until today. If you want to wait another week for me to ship it, I can throw in a 2008 card as well.

Prize 5: A Big Pile 'O Heritage

This is exactly what it sounds like . A big Pile 'O Heritage cards. They could be from all years and brands.

Prize 6: 20 Legends cards

Twenty old-school players from sets like Archives, Legendary Cuts, TCMA and Pacific.

Prize 7: 20 Oddball cards

Weird and obscure stuff from non-mainstream issues.

In additon the winners will get the 2006 decoy card and the one it replaced, a team goodie bag and a pack of cards. That's what you can win, so be sure to show up tonight!


Bay Rat North West said...

I thought it was 7 PM Western?

dayf said...

10:00 eastern
9:00 central
8:00 mountain
7:00 pacific

Bay Rat North West said...

Larry the Cable guy says Western so I am going with that