Friday, January 04, 2008

2007-2008 Stadium Club Basketball

This is a travel day for the World Series. TriStar goes home after taking one out of two on Bowman's field. Meanwhile, remember this post about 2006-2007 Full Court Basketball? Remember when I said this?

Why didn't Topps just call it Stadium Club? Hell if they called it Stadium Club, I might have bought a Blaster in a fit of nostalgia

Well, um, ahem. Here's the first pack. The Series continues tomorrow, I'll post the best pack from this box on the next World Series travel break.

81 Larry Johnson
61 Chauncey Billups
77 Andrea Bargnani
21 Tim Duncan
25 Richard Jefferson

All right, now this is the stuff. I did not expect to see Grandmama as the first card in the pack however. The last time I was really into basketball he was still in the league so it's appropriate he should be the first card. I was a big fan back in the early 90's, I even had a loud teal and purple Charlotte Hornets windbreaker that I actually wore in public. I wanted nostalgia and I sure got it! The fronts of the cards are great, they have the classic Stadium Club photography, the design at the bottom is good and doesn't take up too much space and Topps was able to get their foil fix without making the name unreadable. Plus it's got that great old-school logo on there. The backs of the cards are a little wordy though, two-thirds of the back are filled with career highlights and the stats get short shrift. Of course this is 2008, not 1993 and I found the stats for every player in this pack plus more with about two minutes work. It's still a pretty nice set with a good checklist. The bad news is the rookies are all short printed in the retail version, dropping at 1 in 13 packs. The good news is that they are all chrome cards, so if you're lucky enough to pull one it's a pretty sweet looking card. I probably won't buy another blaster, but I might complete the base set if some of the cards pop up in the local shop's common box. In the meantime, I'll sort through these cards while I watch one of the greatest commercials ever:

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