Thursday, January 31, 2008

2007 Topps '52 Rookies

I'm not sure if the unwashed masses have tired of the '52 Rookies yet, but I'm even less sure they have a say in any of this.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
76 Jon Knott (Good one for Maryland resident, Kevin; even better one for Mayberry residents, who might mistake this guy for Don Knotts.)

71 Jo-Jo Reyes (Reminds me of one of the best Simpsons jokes of all time:

At Moe's tavern, Homer turns to Moe for advice.

Homer: Moe, I need your advice.
Moe: [bored] Yeah.
Homer: See, I got this friend named...Joey Jo-Jo...Junior...Shabadoo --
Moe: That's the worst name I ever heard.
[A man leaves, weeping]
Barney: Hey, Joey Jo-Jo!

89 Troy Cate (St. Louis needs to pair this guy up with Pujols and hold itself an '80s throwback "Cate & Ally Night," complete with the blue unis I love so much.)
DF12 Paul Lo Duca Debut Flashbacks (Thank God for dayf's checklist post, I can figure out what insert this might be, since it looks exactly like the base set.)
109 Jesse Litsch
151 Matthew Brown

Grade: Meh.

Is this not entertainment?! Are you not entertained?!


dayf said...

Sweet Jeebus, how many freaking LoDuca cards are out there? You pulled one, I got one in my box and Russ at House of Cardboard pulled the Chrome.

Ya know what REALLY sucks? The pre-sell checklist had Craig Biggio at that number and he was replaced by LoDuca. Meh.

I covet Mojo Jojo by the way, we'll have to do some dealin'.

P.J. said...

I hope not many people have grown tired of the Topps 52 because I bought some at a shop today and plan on posting them! :)