Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Prospect time 2!

OK, here's the second break from the TriStar Prospects Plus blasters I bought the other night. Time for some fun!

Pack 1:
32 Devin Mesoraco
65 James Simmons
79 Taylor Grote
PT-ML Matt LaPorta (protential - set need)
91 Jose Tabata
69 Josh Smoker

Pack 2:
5 Casey Weathers
10 Matt Dominguez
100 Yung Chi Chen
FH-CW Chris Withrow (Farm Hands auto)
7 Clayton Mortensen
97 Travis Snyder

Pack 3:
26 Michael Burgess
57 Nick Noonan
50 Jon Gilmore
PT-JV2 Joey Votto (protential)
20 Brian Rike
14 Brandon Hamilton

Pack 4
29 Wendell Fairley (set need)
41 Danny Payne
15 Tim Alderson
70 Aaron Poreda
58 Justin Jackson
37 Jarrod Parker

Pack 5:
89 Brad Suttle (set need)
1 David Price (set need)
18 Kellen Kulbacki (set need)
PT-TS Travis Snider (protential)
36 Michael Main
88 Josh Mayberry

Pack 6:
46 Will Kline (set need)
98 Mitch Hilligoss (set need)
68 Mitch Canham (set need)
99 Cale Iorg
17 Jonathan (J.P.) Arencibia
6 Rick Porcello

Pack 7:
8 Ryan Dent (set need)
61 Joe Savery (set need)
74 Nathan Vineyard (set need)
FH-NH Nick Hagadone (Farm Hands auto)
PT-NA Nick Adenhart (protential)
80 Colby Rasmus

Overall thoughts: After two blasters, my set is nearly complete (three base cards to go). Therefore, this was the final blaster of this product I'll be buying. Though I like the autographs, I need to move on to something new. Four blasters of a small-set product is enough.

However, I can't complain on what a way to go out with this blaster. Thought I got some good cards -- David Price, Joe Savery and others. Two autos, including one (Hagadone) that I wanted to get. Pretty solid.

My next few posts -- whenever they'll be -- will likely not be blasters, rather a pack or two that I'll pick up during my travels over the next couple of weeks.

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Unknown said...

would you consider trading one of your extra michael burgess?