Monday, August 11, 2008

1984 Topps Wax Pack

Here's the before...

...and now the after.

Upon ripping, I am greeted by a very old piece of gum, though gladly not stuck to any cards.

In order we have:

612 Harry Spilman
731 Lynn Jones
285 Darrell Porter
535 Bo Diaz - wow two dead catchers in a row.
196 Don Slaught - third straight catcher, but he's still alive. Damn it!
82 Doug Bird
76 Alfredo Griffin - there appears to be two guys having buttsecks in the background

521 Pete Falcone
All-Star Baseball Game sweepstakes card

313 Mike Jorgensen
602 John Wathan - our fourth catcher so far
714 Active AL Career Stolen Base Leaders - Bert Campaneris, Dave Lopes, and Omar Moreno

482 Enos Cabell
155 Frank White

228 John Rabb - fifth catcher!

195 Jack Morris

Not a wonderful pack but not terrible. Seems like Jack Morris is always in these older packs, a ridiculous idea I know. Five catchers in 15 cards is quite a high ratio. Frank White was a solid major-leaguer, overrated by Royals fans but underrated by the rest of the world.

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Motherscratcher said...

I know what you're saying about Jack Morris. This phenominon has been seen in other places. I defy you to open a pack of anything from 1988-1990 without getting Kevin Seitzer.

Also, Don Slaught thanks you for your concern.