Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1991 Topps Desert Storm

What was I thinking? When I saw these cards on eBay, I somehow thought they were the 1991 Topps baseball set with the Desert Storm logo which Topps sent over to the troops in Iraq. The cards were cheap which should have clued me that I was wrong. But here they are, an 88 set commemorating the first Iraq war. I'm not going to show you them all. Most of the cards are of weapons. Big helicopters, tanks, ships, missiles and the like. There are some head shots of US leaders and a few photos of actual soldiers. The set is kind of like the way the war was presented. "Wow, look at all that cool stuff!" Mission Accomplished! I'm pretty sure that's not Bush 41 in the cockpit.
And the scariest card in the deck! Dick Cheney with hair!
I've got 4 sets! If anybody is interested in one, make me an offer. I'll give up a set for a Phillies or Astros relic or autograph card that I don't already have (especially if it's a Mike Schmidt card).

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Chris Harris said...

America, Fuck Yeah!