Monday, August 18, 2008

1990 Topps Heads Up! baseball stars

I've got three straight Olympic packs to inflict upon my dear readers this week, so I'm going to give you a treat first with a pack of 1990 Topps Heads Up! baseball stars. This is another oddball pack I got from Shane Diaz in a package I recently received. I've ripped one pack of this a few years ago and pulled Tony Gwynn's noggin, let's look over the checklist to see who could be lurking in this pack...

Once again, there aren't any Braves. I'll never have the giant head of Gerald Perry smiling at me while it dangles from the window in my office. This is a pretty good checklist though. Four Hall of Famers, a couple more who are near locks, a few guys like Thrill , Bo and Mattingly who are legends despite having no chance at the Hall, a Who's Who of steroid disgraces (but no Clemens, oddly) and a few guys who I guess would be considered "hot rookies". Here's my picks for best and worst pulls from this pack:

Best pull - Ken Griffey Jr.
Worst pull - Craig Worthington
The one I'd actually hang up on my wall - Harold Reynolds

I miss Harold on Baseball Tonight. Actually I miss Baseball Tonight, I don't think I've watched it in about four months. Ok, now for the actual card....

9 Ryne Sandberg

Woohoo! Ryno! A Cub from back when I didn't have their very existence on the planet! Two packs, two Hall of Famers for me, that's some good rippin'. Here's the back:

As you can see you have the choice of hanging it up with the enclosed suction cup or you can ditch the cup and use some sticky tape that's on the back. I shall retain the mint quality of my Sandberg and use the suction cup to stick it on my monitor. The oinl7uy operovblem wuth that is is'ds very hard toi tyope wurth Ruynoin thwe way,

Maybe I should stick Sandberg on the refrigerator instead.

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