Monday, August 11, 2008

1991 Score

This is the third of 16 packs I got in a repack box put out by Vintage Sports Cards, Inc. I'm using a scoring system of my own design to score the packs. So far I've opened a pack of 2007 Fleer (12 points) and a pack of 2007 Bowman Heritage (14 points). By my system, not good scores. Let's see how this pack does.

#454 Dennis Martinez - I always liked El Presidente. He had a 23-year career going 245-193 with an ERA 3.70. He was also a 5-time All Star. Even though I already have this card, its a keeper. The base cards varied in highlight colors. This card is blue with an interior border of teal (could be green). The other cards in the pack are black/red, and teal/purple. Colors to keep you awake at night.

#466 Devon White - 17 year career ending in 2001 with 209 home runs
#474 David Wells - Another long timer, a 21-year career, apparently ending in 2007. A 239-157 career
#486 Erik Hanson - 11-year career, 89-84 record. 3 pitchers all with winning career.
#801 - Walt Terrell - Our first loosing pitcher. 11 years, 111-124.
#791 - John Candelaria - There are a lot of pitchers in this pack. The Candy Man pitched 19 years with a 177-122 record and an ERA of 3.33.
#704 Jim Neidlinger - Another pitcher but a short-timer. He was 5-3 with the Dodgers in 1990 and played for a few more years in the monors.
#797 Tom Pagnozzi - Finally, a catcher for all these pitchers. Tom played is entire 12-year career for the Cardinals.

#698 Andy Van Slyke - This is one of the subsets. They had similar cards for pitchers called K-Man. Pretty much looks like Andy is going into warp drive, or falling into the Time Tunnel.

#702 Dave Stewart - Another subset of season highlights. Smoke threw his no hitter on June 29, 1990. He blanked the Blue Jays, 5-0, striking out 12. This is the second keeper in the pack.
#718 - Howard Farmer - A Rookie Prospect subset. The back of the card says that Howard is the Expos top pitching prospect. But he was 0-3 for the Expos in 1990 and that was that.

#722 - Jeff Conine - Now here's a Rookie Prospect who actually had a good career. According to his Wikipedia entry " After retiring from baseball, Conine began training to compete in Triathlons. He planned to enter several events in 2008, leading up to the Ironman Triatholon in the fall.

#604 Adam Peterson - Adam had a 5-year career mostly with the White Sox, ending with a career record of 5-11.
#616 Kevin Bass - A 14-year outfielder, he spent most of his career with the Astros.
#624 Mike Brumley - 8 seasons 635 at bats.
#636 Bob Patterson - 16 cards in the pack, 10 pitchers. 13 years of middle relief.

No Phillies, no inserts, and I had all the cards already. This pack earns a paltry score of 2. That's right, two.

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