Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Allen & Ginter: Quick & Dirty Version

This is probably the 785th pack you've seen of this stuff lately, so I know you're probably on the edge of your seats. The story is, I just can't afford to try and collect another set this year, at least one that isn't entirely or at least mostly comprised of Cardinals. But all the cool kids are doing it, I told myself. So in a desperate attempt to fit in with the crowd, I picked up a pack of this stuff at W**-Mart last weekend to see what the buzz was all about. And like smoking, man, is it ever addictive! So unhealthy, yet so smooth looking...

248 - Lastings Milledge (he's smooth for sure. he's finally starting to produce lately.)

206 - Jeff Francoeur (well, Frenchy's picture is smooth, at least.)

311 - B.J. Ryan SP (even the card backs have a certain allure to them)

220 - Erik Bedard (mini cards are certainly addictive, even of players that can't seem to stay on the field)

US6 - State of Colorado - Roy Halladay (should be the Cy Young winner this year, even though his team is lousy)
- Checklist 3 of 4
128 - Golden Gate Bridge (I like the way the edges of the bridge fade into the foggy background)
147 - James Fenimore Cooper (sorry, no pic for Coop)

Well, great. Now I'm going to have the shakes all week, thinking about how I want to buy a blaster of this stuff. For my sake, maybe they will be sold out by Saturday.

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Unknown said...

LOL--My wife and I felt the same way, and I couldn't resist running for some more. I am looking for base cards as well, if you want to trade.