Tuesday, August 05, 2008

1996 Stadium Club Series 1

Hi, my name is Kerry, and I have the contents of one baseball card package to divulge to you. This is my first post here. But I must warn you all, because what I'm about to show you is... EXTREME!

I will be posting my thoughts in real time rather than opening the pack and letting it sit on my desk for several days while I think of something intriguing or mildly interesting to say about what comes out. That's for lazy people. This, remember, is... EXTREME!

Will I pull any EXTREME PLAYERS? Only time and careful separation of mylar sealings will tell. So, here goes:

37 - Jaime Navarro (boo! Cubs! decidedly NOT EXTREME)

81 - Benji Gil (he clearly has a jet pack on his back and is therefore EXTREME)

149 - Pat Hentgen (the 1996 Cy Young Award winner with a wide shot of the Skydome in the background- pretty EXTREME)
74 - Jeff Brantley (The Cowboy worked for ESPN at one point... not so EXTREME)

4 - Jose Mesa (EXTREME mustache)

- Chad Curtis EXTREME PLAYER GOLD (but this has official contest rules on the back, so I don't know if it's truly EXTREME or if it's just trying to sell me something)
171 - Trevor Hoffman (EXTREME future Hall of Famer)

196 - John Valentin Team TSC (EXTREME butt backing its way into the logo)

- FREE! STADIUM CLUB MEMBERSHIP WOW! (unfortunately, I don't think the word EXTREME is mentioned anywhere on this insert - how are they going to get anyone to sign up?)

32 - Bernard Gilkey (a Cardinal! can you say... EXTREME?)
144 - Tim Naehring (eh... not so much)

I had fond memories of the inaugural 1991 Stadium Club set and am always a sucker for full bleed cards. All sillyness aside, the design (at least on the front) isn't all that bad. I know nothing about this set as far as player selection goes, but I'll have to try and pick up the rest of the Cardinals I need from this set when I get a chance. This was part of my trip to a hobby store over the weekend, and I picked up a few other random packs from a group of neglected boxes on the floor that had markdown written all over them. Don't worry, I did not pay $3.00 for it.


Unknown said...

Excellent first post!
I'm calling it: A Pack a Day ROY 2008.

madding said...

Thanks! Always gotta keep my eyes on the prize...