Friday, August 22, 2008

2008 Topps Heritage Ad Panel

Here's a Quickie for Friday night. I hit the jackpot recently and bought up a bunch of Heritage and Allen & Ginter Box Toppers for five bucks. Over the next week I'll share my bounty with you all.

First up is a 2008 Heritage Ad Panel. These were 1 per box and there are 110 possible panel combinations. The problem with these packs is that the wrappers are see-through, so be careful when buying unopened packs online kiddos. I, however, would never ever stoop to such a deceitful tactic just to pick out the best panel to rip on A Pack A Day. Nope it's the luck of the draw for me...

John Smoltz
Fence Busters - Chipper Jones and Andruw Jones
Andruw Jones

What an amazing coincidence! Me, A Braves fan, randomly choosing the all-Braves panel instead of the one with Yovanni Gallaro or Kenji Johjima to rip on A Pack A Day! Ok, so I cheated a bit. They're my packs, I can search 'em if I want. For anyone who's interested the other three panels I got in my lucky find are:

Dmitri Young
Yovanni Gallaro
Chris Duncan

Kenji Johjima
Alfonso Soriano
Mike Piazza

Barry Zito
Dmitri Young
Yovanni Gallaro

If you want scans of these, you ain't getting 'em tonight. It's late and it's Friday. Pester me though and I'll post them on my regular blog.

Update: Here's the scan of the ad back that I promised.


--David said...

Heh-heh, would have made for a great game of "Braves or No Braves..."

madding said...

Do the ad panels have regular card backs or some sort of ad thing on the back? I've been trying to figure them out for awhile and see if I'm interested in them or not, because I love that set.

dayf said...

They have an ad on the pack. I'll get off my arse eventually and scan it.

Jrod said...

Where did you find these?