Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bully for Blasters: 2008 Upper Deck Goudey 1/8

It's a testament to the depth and dedication of the bloggers here at APAD that my last post was three weeks ago (vacation followed by a break in my Internet service), and that was some 80 drafts and posts back! It's been a crappy sort of week, so when I found myself near WalMark (as a friend of the family calls it for some unknown reason), I decided to partake in my own brand of comfort food: a blaster. I actually intended to get some Allen and Ginter, but they didn't have any blasters of it. Though I'm still not happy to see Derek Jeter's overrated face smugging back at me from the bottom of the American League cards, I'm not to heartbroken over Topps missing out on my money. I still haven't bought any Topps products since I found out about that card #661 garbage. Let 'em sweat it out.

In the meantime, this is only my second-ever blaster, following the box of 2007 Bowman Heritage that I ripped back in January. I may be losing my mind, as the first thing I did when I popped open this box was to take a nice long whiff. It smelled like cardboard. I was going to give you a scan of the blaster itself, but it's a pain wedging it onto the scanner bed. So here's the pack design:
2008 Goudey Pack by you.
Whew, what an exhausting stretch of exposition. Pack one is Go!

195 Ryan Zimmerman - As you can see, he's playing volleyball with Jupiter, the largest planet of our solar system.
Ryan Zimmerman by you.

91 John Lackey

1 Eric Byrnes Mini - The bottom of the card is scuffed. Perhaps Eric's dog did it...

GG-NM Nick Markakis Goudey Graphs - Actual dialogue uttered by me: "Nice, Nick Markakis."
"Holy crap, it's autographed!"
Nick Markakis Autograph by you.


74 Andrew Miller

22 David Ortiz - The only Red Sox player I would ever describe as "lovable".

152 Tom Gorzelanny - Eww, Gorzo! Between him and Lackey, there's a WHOLE lotta ugly in this pack.

225 Steve Carlton SP - Lefty closes things out. The card back describes his excellent 1972 season: 27 wins, 1.97 ERA. As an O's fan, I would kill for 17 wins and a 2.97 ERA.

Geez, the rest of this blaster is just gravy now. By comparison, I paid three times as much for a hobby box of 2008 Topps Heritage and got NO auto or relic. I don't care if it's a lucky pull, that's another point for Upper Deck. Back tomorrow with Pack 2: This IS "A Pack A Day", after all.


The Duckman Says said...

I just bought a 8 pack and received no autos and very little inserts.

Yooouuuuk is pretty love-able. Big Papi is more like a teddy bear love-able kind of guy

Andy said...

I wish I knew you were buying a blaster of this before I sent you all those free Orioles cards...heh. This is the only set I'm trying to build. If anybody out there wants to make some trades, hit me up at 88topps at gmail dot com.

dayf said...

I was wondering how to describe that goofy looking Zimmerman card... Volleyball with Jupiter is definitely the best description.