Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 Bowman Chrome

Here's the second annual "Bowman Chrome Is A Crappy Rip" memorial post. Three cards per pack and this year there isn't even a prospect in every pack. What the hey? It's got Joba on the pack though so buy it up kiddos, don't worry about that injury at all...

71 John Maine
BCP194 David Bromberg
112 John Lackey

I've seen worse... Lackey is a good pitcher but so were Pat Hentgen and Mike Scott and no one cares a flip about them anymore. John Maine will probably go to Dinged Corners where he'll be appreciated. I did manage to get a prospect at least although they are one in every other pack for some reason. Isn't Bowman home of the Rookie card? Or at least home of the Prospect Loophole To Get Around The New MLB Rookie Logo Rules card? The card #194 spooked me too, until I realized that Bowman already had cards 1-110 for Bowman Chrome. 200 short printed cards in one set would be cruel. The prospect I got is pretty good at least. David went 9-0 in the rookie league he pitched in last year. The record is not as good in the A-league he is pitching in this year but 169 strikeouts in 143 innings sure is. In five years or so after Dave has had his mandatory trip to Dr. James Andrews he might be a pretty good rookie pitcher! Unfortunately for me the only one of this cards that will be worth anything then are his autographed LudicrousFractor cards, this is just a lowly base card and base cards are for chumps according to Beckett and the message boards. This was a good pack rip though for one reason: While searching Google for David Bromberg I found a cool blues/jazz/country/weirdness guitar player that I wasn't familiar with before. The three bucks I spent on this pack is well worth the cool music I'll be listening to the rest of the day.

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