Friday, August 15, 2008

2008 Sage Hit Low Series

This pack was the second of three packs in the blister I bought yesterday. Most of these 3 pack deals have some form of Sage Hit. I'm glad at least that it isn't 06. Lets tear into this puppy.

Early Doucet
A somewhat notable rookie! YAY!

Adrian Arrington
I remember that this guy got drafted by (I think) the Saints in like the 6th or 7th round. Plus, that's 2 WR's in a row.

Andre "Marie" Callender
Sorry. I couldn't resist. :P

Kalvin Mcrae
2 RB's in a row! And four straight offensive players!

Marcus Howard
Crap! Another all offensive pack plan ruined!

Bernard Morris Glossy
Yeah. Glossy, my-(watch your mouth!). Sorry! Anyways, they say this guy is a QB, but he really doesn't look like one.

Overall, not a very good pack. Early Doucet was the only good card out of here. Also, on the back, they have these referee penalty signals. Don't know why.

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