Friday, August 29, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Series 2

I recently won a contest from 88 Topps Cards and I received this pack as a bonus. There's no UPC symbol on the back and there was no StarQuest card, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is a pack from one of the Stars And Stripes blasters.

408 Chad Tracy
501 Marcus Thames
563 Pat Neshek
686 Rod Barajas
414 Mark Kotsay
741 Jake Peavy Season Highlight
783 CC Sabathia Season Highlight
PP-12 John McCain & Barack Obama

As topical as the McCain and Obama squabble is right now, Barack is too damn skinny to effectively represent Lou Piniella. If Barack ate McCain, he might be able to approximate the paunch. I'd like to see someone throw a base around at the debates though. The back of the card highlights their vastly different views on Immigration, specifically "they agree citizenship should eventually be granted for illegal immigrants who meet certain requirements". Um... yeah. Upper Deck would have been better off detailing Paris Hilton's energy proposal on the back. It's a typically good pack photo wise for UD. Chad Tracy is in full swing, Rod Barajas is trying to throw out a player stealing second and Marcus Thames is laying out for a diving catch. I got Mark Kotsay in his spring training Braves uni a few days too late. He had an RBI for the Sox today so he's contributing for a team in a playoff run at least. Both Cy Young winners from last year are featured on highlight cards. I'm thinking Cliff Lee and Brandon Webb have locks on this year's award. #17 Pat Neshek is also in this pack. He has one of the nicest signatures around, but I still haven't sent him a card to get signed. This is complete stupidity on my part since he is practically asking for stuff to sign on his website. I always feel like a pestering mooch when I ask people for autographs though. I'm also just a lazy procrastinating bum, as everyone who tries to trade with me is well aware.

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Offy said...

I sent Neshek some stuff around the end of last season. I sent him his 2007 Topps card to sign along with a 2007 Twins card to keep if he wanted it which he also sent back signed. I also participated in his autograph swap and sent him a hockey autograph that I had in exchange for one of his autographed minor league cards. If only all athletes were this approachable.