Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 Heritage 1959 Buyback

Here's another pack from the haul of boxtoppers I just picked up. This is a buyback card from 1959 that was inserted one in every other hobby box of 2008 Heritage. If they were one in every box, I might have bought a couple more boxes. With no guarantee, I held off and bought blasters and worked on the T205 mini bonus cards set instead. This pack cost me all of a buck. Let's stare deeply into the wrapper and see if we can discern who is in this bugger.

Hmmmm... that's definitely Warren Spahn, don't you think? Warren is the only card I need from the Braves '59 team set other than the high series All Star cards. Maybe I should just slip the pack unopened into my team binder and call it complete. Nah, I gotta open it. I cannot resist.

#11 Billy Hunter

Hey, that's an Indian, not a Brave. This is Billy's last card as a player, but he had a few oddball issues and a handful of Topps cards in the '70s as a coach and manager. His rookie card is from the 1953 Topps set and features the awesome St. Louis Browns 'brownie' logo. He also played for the Orioles (where he was later a coach for many years, the Yankees and Athletics. The cartoon on the back notes his selection to the All Star team his rookie season. This is from 1959's first series which is slightly more scarce than all but the high numbered cards in the set. It's a little miscut, but the photo with the Yankee Stadium grandstands in the background is pretty sweet. I didn't have this card already, but the foil 50th anniversary stamp means it's going in my Heritage binder and not with my othe 1959 cards. Too bad I couldn't have pulled card #10 instead of 11.

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Hey, maybe you could hook me up with a boxtopper or two. Lol.