Thursday, August 28, 2008

2005 Upper Deck All Star Classics

Here's the last type of pack I got from Shane Diaz in the package he sent. This set appears to be a contemporary players and legends hybrid set with an All Star game theme. There's 50 all stars, 25 "future" All-Stars and 25 Legends in the set. Inserts include All Star Matchups, All Star MVPs, All Star Box Scores... you get the point. I got three of these, here's the first one I ripped.

9 Curt Schilling
16 Greg Maddux
11 Derek Jeter
MSC-1 Derek Jeter Midsummer Classics
76 Al Kaline
58 Grady Sizemore
81 Cal Ripken Jr.
67 Jose Capellan

Looks like I ripped the Jeter pack. This was a really nice group of players with a couple of Hall of Famers and a bunch more who are knocking on the door. The only clunker in this pack (and all three packs to be honest) was Capellan, who has never harnessed that flamethrower arm of his. Out of the three packs I opened all the "Future All-Stars" cards other than Jose actually are All Stars. Alex Rios, Jose Reyes, Ryan Howard, Johan Santana and Grady Sizemore. None of 'em are rookie cards or anything, but it is nice to see some future stars that actually pan out in a set. All the Legends were Hall of Famers and the 'worst' base card was Sean Casey who is a fan favorite at least. The Jeter insert is just gravy on top of all this. I even pulled a Tim Hudson card that I didn't have already which is nice. I ignored this set when it came out, but if you find a pack or two floating around I'd suggest you give it a try. There's some pretty good stuff in there by the look of these packs.

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The Baseball Card Snob said...

Someone else ripped one of these packs earlier this year and I was hooked. Didn't notice these in 2005 either. Very nice design.

Dayf, I can use that Jeter, I'll keep an eye out for the rest of the rips.