Friday, August 29, 2008

Bully for Blasters: 2008 Upper Deck Goudey 6/8

Whew, Friday at last! I'll be packing up all of my belongings and moving for the second time this summer. Not my idea of fun, but at least it's a long holiday weekend. If you're headed somewhere special, travel safe! I'm headed for another pack of Goudey.

37 Aramis Ramirez - Aramis: Not just a crappy cologne.

167 J. J. Putz - Insists that it's pronounced "Puts". Suuuure it is.

115 Carlos Beltran - Heh. Card back shows his stolen base total as 230 for the 2007 season. Woops!

157 Khalil Greene Mini - Now I have his creepy in miniature form as well.

20 Jeremy Guthrie - I cannot describe just how beloved Guts is in Baltimore. If the offense gave him any support in the first half, he'd be a Cy Young candidate.
Jeremy Guthrie by you.

150 Ralph Kiner - The things he could have done if he hadn't served in World War II and had a back injury. The guy hit 369 home runs in 10 seasons.

98 Andruw Jones - Gee, who says Andruw's put on weight?
Andruw Jones by you.

YSL 5325 Bernie Williams Yankee Stadium Legacy: 08/31/1991 - If I have to pull these, I'd at least like to see an old-timer like Yogi or Whitey Ford. At least it's another Yankee loss, with Jimmy Key stifling the New York bats two years before joining them. Blue Jays win 5-0.

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