Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Topps Allen and Ginter

This is part of a $19.99 blaster box break [seven packs plus one extra] from Target - these cards are nice and one thing I like is you never know what you are going to pull. It is possible to find something of value, even if it isn't a game-used/autograph/rookie card/rookie-year parallel card.

Pack five [Six cards listed per pack/seven actual]
#264 Adam Jones
#185 Carlos Pena
#318 Andre Ethier - short print
#WDS 5 Mako shark - mini / World's Deadliest Sharks insert
#US 12 Jason Schmidt - Idaho State Flags insert
Checklist - 4/4

#297 Max Scherzer
#37 Pedro Martinez

Pack six [Six cards listed per pack/six actual]
#255 Cole Hamels
#201 Tim Lincecum
#160 Alfonso Soriano
#281 Joe Nathan
#206 Jeff Francoeur - mini
Crack the Ginter Code - info card
#294 Torii Hunter

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